Biodiesel - An Alternative Fuel for Gas

is a fuel for the technology results in a product that can be used as an alternative to gasoline.

Biodiesel is derived from vegetable oils and animal fats. I knew there was some good uses for animal fat beside manufacturing and food industry putting it our food. It usually produces less air pollutants than petroleum-based diesel.

As technology continues to progress, biodiesel can be more easily made even from low-value plant materials such as sawdust and cornstalks.

This could provide the United States, as well as other countries in the world, with a very inexpensive renewable alternative fuel.

See this video on what people are saying about this alternative fuel.

Is there any other uses other than fuel?

Yes, it has many other uses. Some of the other uses include:

  • aircraft fuel,
  • home heating oil,
  • a lubricity additive for diesel fuel,
  • an adhesive remover,
  • a mold release agent,
  • an asphalt cleanup agent,
  • an oil spill cleanup
  • bioremediation agent,
  • an auto wax remover,
  • a corrosion preventative,
  • a parts cleaner and degreaser, a graffiti remover,
  • a paint and resin cleanup,
  • a hand cleaner,
  • a crop adjuvant,
  • a metal working lubricant
  • a screen printing ink remover.

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