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2nd Issue - As Promised - 19 Fat-Burning Holiday Recipes
December 21, 2017
Good Morning,

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Your Bonus: 19 Fat-Burning Holiday Recipes

Live the Organic Life

Welcome back to Live the Organic Life.

Here are the Holiday Favorites that I promised you from my last email.

19 Fat-Burning Holiday Favorites

It’s a time for celebration, reflection, gratitude, hope, and much more.

It’s a time to enjoy family, friends, traditions, but unfortunately all of this comes with an increased of high-calorie food.

We want to help you find the middle ground. We want you to enjoy all that the holiday food by putting together a list of some of our favorite holiday recipes, each with a healthy twist.

Now you and your company can enjoy great-tasting food and not feel guilty about it.

In fact, there’s a good chance that your friends and family are going to want the recipes.

Get all 19 holiday foods recipes by downloading our brand new free report in just a few seconds at the link below:

19 Fat-Burning Holiday Favorites

In a few days I will send you ==> 23 Fat-Burning Baked Goods & Desserts!

  Your Health is Your Greatest Asset!

Happy Holidays,


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