Over 100 Money Making Ideas

You can get a list of over 100 PART-TIME BUSINESSES FOR STUDENTS for only $5.00 plus a free gift.

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It is a huge collection of businesses selected especially for college and senior high school students interested in augmenting their income through free enterprise.

These businesses can be started with minimal training and investment and are virtually certain to produce extra income. Most can be operated by one or a group of students, and can be sold for an additional profit upon graduation.

For best results browse through this list and note those that sound interesting.

Jot down alternative products and services that come to mind. This list is designed to work with and stimulate your imagination.

Only you can possibly know your personal qualifications and interests or the current market in your community. As you compile your list of "possibilities", take a good look around your market area.

Note what is and isn't available, what is over priced and inadequate that people in your community will pay for. When you find just the right combination for your particular situation, start preparing for a successful business!

The recommended method to prepare for a successful business is to write out a business plan. This is simply an outline of what you plan to do and how you intend to do it. Writing your business plan will force you to organize your business both on paper and in your own mind and help insure your ultimate business success.

Check with city hall or the county courthouse (and school if you operate on campus) on state and local license, tax or permit requirements before investing. Sometimes a minor adjustment at this stage can prevent future headaches!

Finally, familiarize yourself with your subject and start ordering initial supplies (business cards, rubber stamp, ledger). Don't invest too much in initial stock. You will undoubtedly make adjustments as you learn more about your market.

Why wait - get your list now for only $5.00, and not only will you get a list of over 100 Greatest Part-Time Ideas right away, but a free 28-page report on "Secrets of the Richest People".

You Are Secure!


After payment you will received a password for your to link into this document, so you can either print it or save it to your computer. You will receive a document listing over 100 ideas and the free report.

It is amazing how many ideas that you never think of - now you don't have to because it will all in one document.


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