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by Ed Mass

Organic Wool Comforters, Mattress Pad Toppers, and Pillows

Organic Wool Comforters, Mattress Pad Toppers, and Pillows

Yes It's Organic is about offering, supporting, and increasing the use of Organic Bedding and Organic Clothing for healthy living and a healthy planet.

Here's the story of our Founder:

Yes It’s Organic is not just about developing a business. It’s about developing a business around a common passion that I hear from a growing chorus of voices - healthy living and acting in a way that’s healthy for the environment.

Starting Yes It's Organic has combined an over 45 year passion for protecting the environment and healthy living with an opportunity to influence the lives of others and our planet in a positive way.

I was designing super-insulated housing and solar energy systems for residences and doing energy audits for businesses in the 1970s. President Carter was promoting and building up these activities after the oil crises in 1973-1974. Then President Reagan totally stopped all activity and funding for all projects.

Imagine where we’d be today if those alternative energy projects had continued with full government support the way that nuclear, oil and gas are subsidized through many avenues. We would already be an energy independent nation today, or at least enough independent not to be at the economic mercy of other nations.

With the growth of the organic food awareness and the “green” movement for “green” buildings and goods, I felt it was time to rekindle my earlier passions. It was time to become, once again, entrenched in the growth of an environmental consciousness.

This time, I decided to be at the forefront of moving people’s consciousness toward the connections of our textiles, such as clothing, sheets, and blankets, as well as our furniture, to the quality of our soil, air, and water.

There is nothing more important than the food we eat, the soil in which it’s grown, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. Without healthy food, soil, air, and water, we won’t have life itself. That’s the philosophy which is driving us to develop the store.

That’s the philosophy behind all our actions. Let us know where we can do better.

Ed Mass
President and Founder

Our Mission: Use the power of the Internet to sell, educate, and promote the growth of Organic, Fair Labor, and Eco Friendly production and trade while providing healthy living for people and a healthy environment for the planet.

Yes Its Organic Online Store

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