Erin Products in Saint Louis, MO

by Stephanie

You must not have been using our Mosquito Repellent if you need our anti-itch!  Using what the Earth gave us.

You must not have been using our Mosquito Repellent if you need our anti-itch! Using what the Earth gave us.

Erin Products began when my father grew tired of two things: One, paying far too much money for lotions and healing skin creams and Two) putting chemicals all over his body for different reasons. It seemed to him that he was giving himself another problem trying to fix the first one.

The final straw came when I complained of two things: One, paying so much for bug repellents to put on my kids at the daycare I run and Two) that the repellents stung, reddened, and numbed all my poor babies.

Being the smart fellow he is, research began and products were made for his families use only. That was three years ago. The products have worked so wonderfully and have made such a difference in our lives, we decided in early 2010 to let the rest of the world in on some fantastic products--at low low prices. Everyone should be allowed to live a more natural and organic lifestyle, not just those who can afford it....Erin Products was born.

Our line of skin care products includes anti-aging creams and lotions, anti-itch creams and lotions, cuts and scrapes balms, hand and body lotion, lip balms and our flagship product because it smells sooooo good and works better than any bug repellent out there AND is safe for the whole family....our mosquito repellent. Not impressed yet? Every single one of our products range in price from $3-$6.

All of our products are all natural, luxurious, and loaded with all kinds of great certified organic essential oils. We know what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.

Our website is Erin Products or check out our facebook page under Erin Products where you can shop from our Etsy store page. Or contact us at

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