Wholetones Review – The Healing Frequency Music Project

by Lila | Nov 2020 | My Reviews | 8 comments

    In my research as I bring new and healthy items to my site, I came across something I have not really heard of or even thought of. 

Lullabies for grown-ups!

Best of all, you won't need a stereo. You won't need a CD player. You won't even need your computer to use this powerful sleep aid. It's the magic sleeping pill you never even have to swallow.

If you have trouble falling and staying asleep through the night — pay close attention to the following announcement...

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Wholetones Gen2

Recently, I have been acquainted with Barton Publishing who promotes many interesting articles on

  • Alternative Health Remedies
  • Natural Health Remedies
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Acid Reflux
  • Weight Loss
  • Nerve Pain
  • Back Pain

 and many more. 

Chances are, if you've ever read your email or listened to the radio, you've been introduced to a Barton Publishing advertisement on their many natural life savings products such as Wholetones or the Diabetes Solution Kit.

Joe Barton helps over a million people cure various health problems using safe, natural remedies.  



Wholetones is a collection of musical tones to help heal and soothes people emotions.

People cannot get enough of (or say enough about) the 7 beautifully produced songs recorded by Michael Tyrrell.

Testimonials are constantly coming in from people reporting more restful sleep, improved mood and more importantly reduced their stress.  

The original musical tones were discovered from the music of Kind David. 

All 7 beautifully tones has been design and integrated into a spontaneously recorded melody.

The Wholetones: The Sound of Healing comes complete with a book which explain the story how frequencies of music and the different tone can give you peace and quiet within the mind. This comes with its own full downloadable CD set.

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Michael Tyrell creator of Wholetones

The Wholetones Review - The Man Behind the Wholetones Program

THE Man Behind the Wholetones

The man behind the Wholetones music project is Michael Tyrell. 

He is a teacher and writer. 

He is a mentor to many and a close friend of Barton Publishing.

He travels the world sharing the message of God's Kingdom with a passion for watching lives transform from darkness to light.

He's an accomplished song writer and guitarist, and recently released an album called Wholetones.

He lives in Florida with his wife, who he adores.

Brand NEW Music Therapy Collection by Michael S. Tyrrell. Word of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project is spreading.

After listening and watching his CDs / videos and reading his book, I concluded that is one of the most genuine, considerate and passion human beings.  I am happy who he is and want he can do for the people all around the world.

He is a special and heart-warming man to listen to, whether he is telling his own story of transformation, discussing the deeper issues of humanity or the butterflies in his backyard! He exudes passion and has a great gift for expressing it, bringing hope and making people feel at ease with just being human!

The best aspect of any project is the person behind it.  He tells his life story and how his personal walk to hope and commitment to faith and how his inspiration led up his unique music project.

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Michale has asked 2 questions awhile ago.  He doesn't leave his home til he answers these questions honestly, 1st question Why Do I do What I do and Who Do I DO It For?

He continues to be humble.  Click Here to Read his Story and how The Wholetones Project started...which is explain in its entirety on his site.

He remains uncompromisingly humble – People say to him “Do you realize great this is??” You can click through for yourself and read his stories.

His music  speak for itself…


The music is seven tracks with approximately 22 minutes.  It will give you a total of 2 1/2 hours of listening.  I swear this music is equivalent to a long walk on the beach, a soothing bubble soak in the tub, night with your favorite friends. Now think of about doing all these thinks and listening to these Wholetones music tracks will double your pleasure.

They suggest listening to the following in this order:

Open Door > Desert Sojourn > The Key of David > Transformation > The Bridge > Great Awakening > The Majestic

The best part of this was there was not getting bored listening to these CDs.  This music is a gift from God and show his healing power to be released into our boring lives.


It is incredibly versatile.

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Wholetones Healing Music

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