Natural Zinc Oxide Sunscreen
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Natural Sunscreen

Get Your Own Organic Zinc Oxide Sunscreen!

This highly concentrated natural zinc oxide sunscreen creates a powerful protective shield to reflect UV rays away from your skin.

The name of this 100% all-natural sunscreen is "Natural Sunscreen". The formula used in this lotion was originally discovered as a secret recipe of the Acapulco natives.

In fact, each ingredient in this unique formula serves its own special purpose to nourish, protect, and moisturize your skin. One of those ingredients is GREEN TEA it is included for a couple of good reasons.

First, many studies show that green tea is a powerful antioxidant.

Second, recent studies also suggest that green tea may help you reduce the appearance of skin damage from sun radiation. In short, green tea helps protect your skin’s cells by providing antioxidant protection.

Simply put, this highly concentrated lotion helps protect you by reflecting UV rays away from your skin. Plus, this sunscreen is also water resistant, hypoallergenic, and:

  • FREE of chemical fragrances…
  • FREE of parabens (harsh chemical preservatives)
  • FREE of nanoparticles (allows sunscreen to be more cosmetically appealing as it’s less visible, yet it remains on your skin’s surface)…
  • Active Ingredients in Natural Sunscreen Are ALL Natural

Make no mistake: Natural Sunscreen meets the immediate need for a non-chemical sunscreen.

Each active ingredient in this outstanding product has been carefully chosen to specifically protect and nourish your skin.

With that said, let's review together all the ingredients you'll find in this 100% all-natural sunscreen lotion starting with:

Titanium Dioxide (6.0%) & Zinc Oxide (6.0%):

These two active ingredients in Natural Sunscreen are natural minerals.

Minerals that actually come from clay and beach sand deposits. This means, they are not harsh, synthetically-produced chemicals you'll often find in popular brands.

And it may surprise you to find out that zinc oxide has been used all over the world for over 75 years as a safe sunscreen to help you prevent excessive sun exposure.

Other Natural Ingredients Included:

Sunflower Oil:

Sunflower oil is a superior moisturizer. In addition, it also contains vitamins A, D and E. And this excellent ingredient is often used to moisturize dry, weathered, and aged skin.


Lecithin is found in the membranes of plant cells (soy.) It is widely used in cosmetics as an emollient and water-binding agent.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has been used by the islanders for many hundreds of years to moisturize their skin. And it moisturized their skin while they attained a glowing, dark tan. Even better, if you have skin sensitivities, it is likely to be mild and gentle on your skin.


Used as an emollient, glycerine improves your skin's natural moisture by attracting just the right amount of water to maintain your skin's homeostasis. Furthermore, research proves the presence of glycerine in the intercellular layer.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is a non-fragrant natural emollient that serves up superior moisturizing and skin conditioning properties.

Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E):

Vitamin E also acts as a natural preservative.

Shea Butter:

Shea butter is a natural plant lipid used as both a thickener and an emulsifier. What's more, it also has effective moisturizing properties.

Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil. And when it's mixed with other oils, it is more easily absorbed by your skin. Best of all, it assists other oils to be absorbed in your skin as well. This obviously supports the moisturizing process.

Bottom line

Natural Sunscreen's perfect blend of ingredients results in a pleasant-smelling sunscreen lotion without any chemical fragrances or dangerous artificial chemicals.

For this reason you can feel great about putting it on your skin, and your kids' skin too.

As with all safe sunscreen lotions, I recommend you re-apply frequently, especially after swimming, perspiring, or towel-drying.

girl on beach with zinc oxide sunscreen Dr. Mercola Zince Oxide

Sun: Good for you, so long as you don't burn. Protect your skin from overexposure with Natural Sunscreen today.

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

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