Organic Beverages

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What are organic beverages?

Anything you want to drink without swallowing chemicals, additives, fillers, preservatives, sugar, well you get the idea.

A drink can be very refreshing and nutritional; in fact, drinking a glass of organic orange juice can give you more than your daily requirements of vitamin C.

Having a beverage is convenient too when you don’t have time to make a meal. But for most people reaching for the most convenient drink is unfortunately, the unhealthiest drink… the soda. Many parents would no doubt like to clear their children away from drinks that are bad for them. Don’t buy them and they won’t drink them. After awhile they will get so use to not having soda, sugary drinks and cow's milk that they won't even like the taste of it. Trust me it works.

Remember everything is a habit, children can learn good habits just as quickly as they learn bad habits.

Get them on the right track, they will thank you for it later.

Below is the list of organic beverages: Pick the ones your children would like (of course not wine and beer), serve it to them in a glass before telling them what it is. I serve my son chocolate soymilk and for some time he thought he was drinking chocolate milk.

The organic beverage market has reached $1.3 billion in the U.S. Two thirds of the organic beverages market comprises non-dairy beverages, including soy milk, but also ranging from organic carbonated beverages to organic juice, coffee and tea.

While meat and produce are fast becoming mainstream elements in the organic food market, the organic soft drinks sector has suffered from a lack of new product development and innovation. Oh, I wonder why, well could it be there really no such thing as organic soft drinks.

What does “soft” drink mean anyway? The soda industry wants you to think that it’s not bad for you but great for quenching your thirst, convenient and economical. Now they want to convince you that this "can of chemicals" is nutritional just because they say it’s natural and have no preservatives. Well, I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as an organic soda. If there an organic soda out there prove it to me that it is good for you. Please DO NOT BUY SODA, not only it is not nutritional but can harm YOUR HEALTH.

Organic in beverages are defined as beverages produced with:

  • Crops grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or sewage sludge.
  • Animals reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones.
  • Food processed without ionizing radiation and without the use of a wide range of food additives.
  • Food produced on all levels without the use of genetically modified organisms.

  • Organic Wine
  • Organic Beer
  • Organic Tea
  • Organic Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Organic Milk
  • Cow's Milk
  • Organic Fruit Juice
  • Organic Soy Milk

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