The Healthy Diet Plan
that Can Help You Lose Weight

Before we get started on how to get a Healthy Diet Plan, we need to learn why we are overweight.

What Cause Weight Gain?

    1. Food                   2. Stress               3. Lack of Movement

Sound simple doesn’t it.

Food - Eat right food
Stress – just relax
Lack of Movement – get off the sofa

Well, in some respect it is very simple if you understand where I am going with this.

First, we are missing one vital criteria and that is “hormones” our metabolism.

We all know what you put in your mouth is what your body gets out of it, that is why a healthy diet plan is so important.

But do you all know that fat does not make your fat and certain sugars [fructose, HFCS] can cause havoc on your hormones (metabolism)?

If you practice what I am going to preach, it will change you and your lifestyle. Throughout my entire website, I am always preaching that the worse thing for your body is process and made-man food.

Now, I am going to tell you and show why it is so bad for you. Show you how these kinds of food can affect your hormones. So not only does junk food make you fat, but it makes you fatter and killing your hormones.

You need your hormones to work for you not against you — so you can lose weight and get healthy.

Yes, calorie counting and exercise are very important, but they are not the whole story.

Underneath the dieting and workout programs are these little messengers that carry information from your body to your brain and vice verse. These “little messengers” are your hormones.

Have you heard of any of these words?

  1. Leptin – the Fat Hormone.

  2. Growth Human Hormone (or HGH),
  3. Metabolism
  4. Insulin
  5. Cortisol – Stress Hormone

Some, I am sure. These words are the names of hormones.

When you eat, hormones tell your body what to do with that food, whether to store it or burn it as fuel.

And when you exercise, hormones tell the body how to move and consume energy, and how to boost or shut down different parts of the body.

Hormones control almost every aspect of how we gain weight—and how we can lose it.

Without getting too technical or boring, a hormones is a chemical substance, formed in one organ or part of the body and carried in the blood to another organ or part where they do their job such as I mentioned above.

“How can my Metabolism (Hormones) help stop me from gaining weight.

Jillian Michael from “The Biggest Loser” also believes in this concept. Here is her three-part plan that can help YOU boost your metabolism:


Healthy Diet Plan

First Step:

You need to REMOVE junk and process food from your body and toxin from your environment which in turn damages your metabolism. Learn which ingredients disturb the balance of your system, and how decrease the effect on your life. First, I recommend to avoid all artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Sweet'n low, Equal), all processes and made-man food.

Second step:

Healthy Diet Plan

RESTORE – How you can restore nutrients to help your body maintains all its hormones in ideal balance. Learn which ones and why added proper nutrients are so important in your diet. You need to eat goods that communicate directly with your hormones, help metabolize fat, maintain lean muscle, and inhibit the production of stress hormones like cortisol, which keeps your body from losing weight.

These foods include such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, fish, seeds, nuts, legumes, and oatmeal. It can not be process in any way, shape or form, it is awful for you.

Third step:

Healthy Diet Plan

Re-balance is all about lifestyle changes, which not only eating right, but to use the best organic cleaning products and beauty products, getting enough sleep and exercise. Jillian gives practical advice on when and how much to eat. It demonstrates the importance of getting the accurate blend of fat, protein and carbohydrates. To learn more about Jillian’s plan,

click here.

Healthy Diet Plan

Jillian believe most people are working themselves harder than they have to.

Jillian sees people abuse their body, but not only that; they are damaging their body in order to get thin. Dieters tend to cut down in calories, but do not take in account that this is not the only thing you need to do. You need to eat the right calories.

Drinking diet soda vs. regular soda may cut your calories intake, but is it the right calories? The stuff in soda is poison, it adds to the imbalance you already have by eating process food. Soda works on a chemical imbalance in your body. STOP DRINKING SODA AND ANY DRINK THAT CONTAINS ANY ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS OR HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, and you will see a big difference in you life.

Quote from Jillian Michaels: I lived on Diet Coke and Splenda. In the meantime, I’m working my ass off in the gym and I can barely keep myself at 120. It’s like God forbid if I didn’t work out for 10 hours and eat one calorie over 1200, I’d put on weight. I was thinking, are my genetics really this bad? It doesn’t make sense. The math of me working out the way that I was and eating the way that I was didn’t make sense. I should be able to eat more. I shouldn’t have to be this crazy."

Eating and living naturally is manageable. We can never trust what the FDA approves when it comes to our foods.

It’s just about having the right information.

It’s about picking the right peanut butter off the shelf.

For example, a propaganda to get you to choose the right peanut butter for your family. Remember the commercial "choosy moms choose Jif"? If you chose Jif, you would be feeding your family high-fructose corn syrup and trans fat, it’s awful. All you really need to do is to get fresh ground peanuts—one ingredient! The sad truth people just don’t know.

It’s brainwashing and corporate greed and a lack of information. The key is getting informed and taking steps to apply that information to make real changes in your life. Get into a Healthy Diet Plan.

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