Organic Cleaning

We all know that the household products we buy have strong acting chemicals in it…that is why we buy them so they clean and do it quick and efficient.

BUT……what are the consequences???????

This is the question I had asked myself, so I decided to do a little bit of research. Well, it turns out to be a lot of research. It is unbelievable the information is out there. Here I will make sense of it all. The first place I went to was Greenpeace and they did quite a bit of research and survey to discovery what you need to know.

First, we need to ask these questions.

  • So why not an organic home, at least this is one thing we can CONTROL!!
  • We live in a world full of toxic chemicals and every day we eat, drink and breathe them. We commonly ingest pesticides, metals, processed food and cigarette smoke. We spray chemical air fresheners. We eat chemically formulated foods. The tap water in many cities is treated with chlorine and fluoride. The air we breathe is loaded with car exhaust and chemicals from factories.

  • Is it unrealistic to expect companies to substitute these substances with safer alternatives and achieve the same performance at a reasonable cost?
  • No, because it’s already happening, Greenpeace has launched a Chemical Home Database to demonstrate that the substitution of hazardous substances with safer alternatives can be accomplished and many innovative companies have already finding suitable alternatives.

  • Can we enjoy modern consumer products without their having to contain hazardous chemicals?
  • Yes, read on....

  • Benefits of "Organic Cleaning"
  • Alternative Cleaning Products
  • What Lurks in your Home?
  • Homemade Cleaning Solutions

  • Alternative Laundry Detergent
  • Buy Organic Cleaning Products

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