Many Advantages of Organic!!

Food safety is the #1 reason, but there are many more advantages of organic. It has been a growing concern of consumers since the late 1940's, when the use of synthetic chemicals in agricultural production was promoted to farmers as a way of enhancing productivity and increasing yield from every acre.

Today, conventional agriculture includes an arsenal of more than 600 pesticides. 940 million pounds of chemical pesticides were used in 2000— more than three pounds for every person in the United States.

Much uncertainty remains regarding the safety of currently used pesticides. Studies have implicated many of these substances can cause serious health disorders, ranging from premature births to behavioral disorders to cancers. The benefits and advantages of organic will shows up in our health when we shop organically.

The USDA makes no claims that there are advantages of organic food such as better tasting or more nutritious than conventionally produced food, only that it is grown, handled, and processed differently.

BUT, many people believe organic produce has an excellent taste; some believe it contains more nutrients. Hundreds of chefs across the country use organic produce because they think it both tastes better and helps create agriculture sustainable for generations to come. Advantages of Organic Farming


When shopping for the finest, freshest ingredients, always purchase organic meats, vegetables and condiments when possible, and choose locally grown organic food when you can. It is not just your own family precious life and health that will benefit, but that of the planet, rivers, lakes, and oceans, the land, the plant life, beneficial insects and animals, both large and small. A simple choice made in the supermarket aisle has far reaching effects.

10 Reasons or Advantages of Organic

Whether it’s a concern for your family’s health, an interest in preserving the environment, or a little of both then choosing organic offers a healthy and convenient solution. Here are 10 Good advantages of organic:

  • Organic living reduces safety and health risks and also helps you lose weight.
  • Organic food tastes great!
  • Organic living will teach your children and others to live longer.
  • Organic living will make you feel fantastic!
  • Organic farms respect our water resources.
  • Organic farmers work in harmony with nature.
  • Organic producers are leaders in innovative research.
  • Organic products meet stringent safety standards.
  • Organic producers strive to preserve diversity.
  • Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy.

Do you find that one reason people are attracted to alternative health practices is because they feel more empowered by these approaches than they do with mainstream Western medicine?

I couldn't agree with the above statement more. This is something I've been saying for a long time, and it represents a social-cultural change.

Do you want to be in charge of your own life and not be a passive individual, who allows the medical authorities take control of your care and well-being? THEN LET'S GET GOING!!

A healthy lifestyle is more than just counting your calories and carbohydrates. It is not just exercising either. It is a lifestyle choice that allows you to take charge of your physical body as well as your inner spirit. Through natural balance anyone can reach his or her full potential, simply by embracing sound alternatives. Learn about food additives and stay away from it.


Once you take this important step and see the advantages of organic living, it will be natural and very normal. No more guilt or no more thinking I should have done this, because you will already be doing it.

Once you start the right eating habits, you will be so use to it, it will be automatic for you. You will sustain a better and healthy lifestyle as each day passes. If I could do it, so can YOU.

Read on…

Learn what Genetic Modified Organism and why is our food involved. Also, learn Learn the advantages of organic and read labels right.

Advantages of Organic

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