by Trevor Walsh
(Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Founded in 2016, Farmshelf brings the farm to your doorstep by providing you with smart indoor farms FARMSHELF at a place where you live, work, and eat.

With Farmshelf, you can grow forty varieties of herbs, veggies, and edible flowers even when you do not possess the skill or prior knowledge of growing plants.

We enable you to grow your food faster and with minimum effort.

The plants consume less water and do not require to be placed in direct sunlight.

Our mission is to bring the farm to each house and enable every family to grow their fresh and flavorful produce.

Our smart farms are designed to provide your plants with the required irrigation and nutrients through every stage of the crop cycle.

Farmshelf also provides you with an unlimited supply of your chosen plants on a subscription basis.

Through our dedicated efforts and more than 250 Farmshelf across the country, we have made it possible to grow food for home, work, and education systems.

Our system is a convenient and sustainable way that eliminates packaging, food waste, and multiple trips to the grocery store.

The Farmshelf is compact enough to fit any household and provide the produce for the entire family.

The plug-and-play indoor farm makes it easy to choose your crops and grow them effortlessly.

For more details about our indoor hydroponic garden, visit our site at Farmshelf About Us & Farmshelf For Business.

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