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A genetically modified organism GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using techniques in genetics.

Another word, scientists create plants, animals and micro-organisms by manipulating genes in a way that does not occur naturally by using genetically engineered.

Genetically engineered (GE) means that the genes and DNA have been altered in that food item.  Altering the genetic make-up of foods is creating, well, Frankenstein foods.  The effects of these changes have not beenfully tested on our environment OR on our health.

Unfortunately, because of money, many of our crops have been or are being genetically modified.

Larry Leptin - Invasion of the GMO Frankenfood - funny animated video - Check out this


Animals fed genetic modified organism corn, for example, developed problems of their blood(leukemia), blood pressure, kidney, liver (including significant changes kidney weight as well as lesions on the kidney and liver), allergies to infection, increased blood sugar levels, diseases, and yes, even cancer.  These are not minor problems, but major changes in the body. 

These are toxic reactions to a poison.  Even if the same effect doesn't occur in humans, think of the repercussions of us eating the meat of animals that ate the genetically modified organism corn and therefore unhealthy animals! 


Corn and Soy are the top two genetically modified crops and are two of the largest crops.  You can find corn and soy in practically every processed food.  Chickens and cows eat corn and soy on feedlots (another reason to choose only grass-fed meats and organic chicken) so the problem is multiplied in every way.


Then there is nature's way of creating crops naturally with cross-pollination and it becomes clear that our entire food line is in jeopardy.

The real fear is that at some point, it will be difficult to find any corn and soy that is not genetically modified.  When we think of how many products use corn as a base and then the animals that are regularly fed this, we can easily see how this is a huge experiment with our lives and the health of humans everywhere.

We are guinea pigs in this huge experiment. 


Why do Companies use GMO?

The goal of companies is to use genetically modified organism so they can make crops less susceptible to pests, more resistant to drought and stronger altogether. But, using will make weeds and disease stronger and in turn we will need stronger pesticides; just as overuse of antibiotics has created stronger strains of disease in humans.

Because of commercial interests (affect companies bottom line – money), the public is being denied the right to know about genetically modified food and the ingredients in the food chain.


European countries have restricted GM foods and require clear labeling, but the U.S. falls far behind in this and is actively growing GMO foods.


By definition, organic foods are NOT genetically altered, but the issue is even bigger because of the potential of cross pollination of crops.

GMO crops effect our environment, our animals, our body, and our future health, and our very survival since they have repercussions upon the very essence of our existence - food. 


Genetic Modifications of our Foods:

      Initiate new food allergies,
      Potential antibiotic-resistant bacteria,
      Changes in nutritional value,
      Changes in the cattle and animals that eat them.
      Potential changes in our body when we eat them.


We need to get rid of

genetically modified foods.


Supporting organic farmers and not buying foods that are GMO is the best way - since this is profit driven, speaking with the wallet is louder than any letter. 


When we learn which foods are more likely GMO, we can let the scientists and big companies know that it's not okay with us by not purchasing their products.

Please purchase only non-GMO brands – See GMO GUIDE This will give you a huge printable Shopping Guide of GMO brands and non-GMO brands from companies (from baby food to tomato sauce). 
Please do not buy genetically modified organism brands.

Thank you.

Happy Eating!!!

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