Green Press Holdings Pty Ltd

by Edward Dowd
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Green Press is an organic and vegan food store in Melbourne, established in 2013. The store mostly specializes in food products that are natural, vegan and gluten free, presented with a twist.

Its founders, James, Miles and Lindsay gave up their New York lifestyle to be here at Green Press in Melbourne as they believe that healthy food need not be boring and one doesn’t need diary for protein nor sugar for sweetness.

Lindsay, a fashion designer and a health fanatic dragged Miles and James out of their chef coats and made them realize the unhealthy food they consumed all along.

Thus came the brilliant idea of making healthy food more tasty and interesting for everybody. In no time the trio realized Melbourne had no stores that had cold pressed juices and tasty salads made from vegetables.

Thus Green Press became Melbourne’s first organic juice cleanse store. Be it Smoothies for post workout sessions or healthy acai bowls for breakfast, tasty salads for lunch and dinner or sweet and tasty cold pressed juice all day long, we here at Green Press are dedicated to offer healthy food that is mouthwatering and interesting. Apart from the above mentioned healthy food products.

Green Press store also has elixir shots for detox cleanse, vegan and paleo desserts made from vegetables for sweet satisfaction, juice cleanses, Kombucha tea and many more vegan products.

For more details on our healthy and vegan food store, visit Green press and

Email :

Business Address : Shop 7 / 525 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

Organic Food products or Services:

Pressed juices (also known as cold pressed juice),
Green juice,
Green smoothies / protein smoothies / healthy smoothies,
Acai bowls / acai bowl,
Elixir shots,
Gluten free granola,
Healthy salads,
Healthy vegan desserts / gluten free desserts / paleo desserts,
Homemade soup / paleo soup / vegan soup

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