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Homemade Remedies Book


It was the best book on homemade remedies book that I've ever read and if you follow it, you will see results.

This is a great e-book. It has 21 chapters and is worth every penny. I bought this e-book originally for my family because they were always asking me what I can do for this or that naturally.

My daughter was always spending $ (a lot of $) on facial products. Until one day, she told me nothing seems to work and asked me about an inexpensive and natural way of cleaning her face.

I had a few ideas but thought I really need a list of options because not all ways works for all people.

So I bought this homemade remedies bookHomemade Remedies.
When I first skimmed the sales page for the book, I have to admit I almost didn't buy it because the copy looked a little hyped up and pitchy. It sounded like all the rest. ):

I first I thought it is going to be one of those PDF files that would give you a few recipes – but I was pleasantly surprised. (:

But what drew me in was that the author, Charles Silverman, N.D. kept emphasizing the same points I talk about on this site when it comes to the myths on organic cures I became intrigued.

This homemade remedies book is not only full of information from acne to how to make your own all natural skin cleansers to cleaning without chemicals but it is setup like a real book. It’s easy to navigate and the amount of information was incredible…it was overwhelming (which is a good thing when it comes to your health).

Accessible was great…you could either search for what you want or just look at the table of content...its all written in plain English without any Latin names or technical jargon.

Not only does author Charles recommend the proper home remedies, but he discuss how you need to better your health with herbs, nutrients, vitamins, exercise and healing using completely natural remedies. He will show you that you don’t have to run to the pharmacy every time something hurts or someone gets sick.

The reason I am recommending this homemade remedies book to my visitors is because it answers a lot of the questions about herbal remedies that I cannot.

I get emails all the time about organic cures and home remedies, etc. and now I'm happy to refer people to Charles’ book... especially since he has the credentials.*

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While my site does a good job of covering the whats, the hows, and the whys of organic living... this homemade remedies book dives deep into many, many ailments and their cures, which is the most effective way to have the complete list in front of you.

Note: Charles' book is an ebook (electronic book) so you will receive it by e-mail as soon as you order.

This book not only about women’s health but on men’s health too. The first chapter talks about “injuries” you may occur and the last chapter talked about “Final Thoughts” - why there is so much mis-information and why more Americans are not using the ‘nutrients’ that are available to us naturally. You will not regret getting this e-book, but if you do you will received a 100% money-back guaranteed. (For more information see the TOC below).

One last thought – I really could not stop reading this information – Every time I saw an ailment that either my family had or a friend said they had I could not wait to call and let them know about its cure.

By investing in this information you are showing those around you that you care. You care about the well being of your loved ones and you are also making strong points that you do not want to load yours or your children’s bodies with synthetic drugs or harsh chemicals.

*Charles Silverman N.D. is a Naturalist and Herbalist since 1979 which makes him a very credible source on the subject. I also liked the fact that he gives customers his email address and sends a helpful newsletter with great tips.

He seems to genuinely want to help people and not just concerned about selling his book. Charles lives in Miami, FL and has dedicated a major part of his life to the preparation of natural remedies and natural products to help people with allergies and chemical intolerance.

He has traveled around the world from Canada, Germany, France, and India to the mountains of Peru and Argentina (South America) researching and studying the different domestic species of herbs and plants.

His articles are published on several web sites like and and he is regularly interviewed by various publications and newspapers.

P.S. I love the tips, secrets and shocking statistics and information they give throughout the book.

If you buy one organic book this year, make it this one. It was definitely money well spent for me.

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“Homemade Medicine E-Book”



  • Chapter 1 – Injuries
  • Chapter 2 – Men’s Health
  • Chapter 3 – Women’s Health
  • Chapter 4 – Children’s’ Health
  • Chapter 5 – Common Illness
  • Chapter 6 – Teeth Problem
  • Chapter 7 – Herb Preparation
  • Chapter 8 – All Natural Skincare System
  • Chapter 9 – Cleaning without Chemicals
  • Chapter 10 – Antioxidants
  • Chapter 11 – Co-Enzyme Q10
  • Chapter 12 – Echinacea
  • Chapter 13 – Garlic
  • Chapter 14 – Ginkgo Biloba
  • Chapter 15 – Ginseng
  • Chapter 16 – Goldenseal
  • Chapter 17 – Green Tea
  • Chapter 18 – RDAs
  • Chapter 19 – Vitamin A
  • Chapter 20 – MSM
  • Chapter 21 – Final Thoughts

The Homemade Remedies Book - the best book you'll ever read!!

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