Homemade Remedies Review

Homemade Remedies

My Homemade Remedies Review

When I first saw the website for this book, I was skeptical. I thought it will be just another collection of well known home herbal remedies. But I bought the book anyway, because I have studied medicinal herbs and herbal medicine for years and collect all resources I can find on the topic.

The book surprised me. The recipes included were very simple, most of the ingredients were already in my kitchen or I could buy them in a local supermarket or fruit and vegetable store.

First, I tried a homemade moisturizing lotion. You know how it is with creams and lotions you buy from shops - they smell very nice and feel great when you apply them, but the effect is gone in a couple of hours.

This simple lotion made my skin very smooth and silky and it stayed this way even the next day. Fresh ingredients work much better than creams full of chemical. I have dry skin, so I used the recipe for dry skin, but the book offers recipies of skin care products for oily skin as well.

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However, beauty treatments are not actually the main part of the book. It offers surprisingly simple and effective herbal recipes for many common conditions.

Here are only a few:

  • Acne
  • Insomnia
  • Common colds (yes it actually work, not just make the
  • symptoms go away)
  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff
  • Constipation
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Hemorrhoids

Charles Silverman (the author of this book) is a doctor from Miami. He specializes in herbal medicine. Throughout his work he traveled a lot and found many natural remedies people use around the world. He tried them all and selected ones where there is scientific proof that they give positive effect.

Now, don’t misunderstand - Charles doesn’t sell any herbal remedies on that website. Instead his book teaches how to prepare them at home, from commonly available ingredients.

Buying readily made herbal medicine is convenient, but you can never be sure if it is made properly. Also really good herbal remedies have a short shelf life; they lose their effectiveness after only a few days. This is the main reason why I always prefer to make my own herbal medicine.

Recipes in Charles book really work, and they are simple enough that any average person can make this homemade medicine. I wished this book were available in a printed version, but unfortunately it isn’t. You can only get an electronic copy. I found it very useful, and hope you will too.


This complete guide to self-healing is causing quite wave in the natural healing world of the internet.

Written by Charles Silverman, an expert in natural treatment, and packed with all sorts of remedies (a complete table of content is available for you to check out.

We know that millions of people are now starting to change their minds about synthetic drugs, and Charles has made it very interesting by listing drug's side effects throughout the e-book, as tips for you to be aware of.

He organized the book so that illnesses and cures are easy to find, by taking advantage of the new technology that enables this e-book to look just like a regular book, but without the hassles of hard copies. Password protected for your security and full of colors makes it fun and secure. Charles has even put a free demo version for you to download and experience the looks and content of "The Home Made Medicine e-Book".

Thank you for taking the time to read my Homemade Remedies Review.

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