Life Food Store Health Food and Fine Supplements

by Tiffany Youngren
(Austin, TX)

Life Food Store
Tiffany Youngren, Owner
Austin, TX USA

Life Food Store offers health food and nutritional supplements to support a beautiful, healthy life full of fun - conveniently and safely purchased online and delivered to your door.

The store humbly began with a blog in early 2011, with a modest line of the highest quality superfruit and superfood supplements owners and founders Duane and Tiffany Youngren could find, from Genesis Today.

They were so enthusiastic about the quality, science behind the formulations, and passion Genesis Today owners injected into their company that the Youngrens wanted to make these products more widely available to people in every corner of the United States.

As Tiffany became more passionate about healthy eating, she wanted to share with friends and family how easy and affordable it can actually be to eliminate toxic food (including gluten, dairy, and excess amounts of meat), and medicines from the diet, replacing them with foods that feed the cells of the body. She wants everyone to feel more energy and endurance to play more, and to feed the body with the nutrition to fuel youthful, gorgeous skin, hair and nails. Duane and Tiffany want to share happiness with every Life Food Store visitor.

" is dedicated to your health and happiness!"

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