"What Does Metabolism and Detox Do To Your Body"

Metabolism and Detox your body is the only way you can get rid of body fat.

How Does Metabolism and Detox Works?

Metabolism and Detox Diet

Metabolism and Detox works hand and hand, right this minute, your own hormones, meaning "your metabolism", is setting up to fail.

All due to the over-consumption of unhealthy, toxin-filled and nutritionally inadequate food items as well as stress-induced eating habits; both of which can have a detrimental effect on your health and weight loss.

Toxins could be making YOU GAIN WEIGHT! Your body could be holding on to NASTY toxins that are making it impossible for you to burn fat.

Your hormones have been hijacked by these UN-natural things, such as:

Toxin-filled, nutritionally deficient food:

  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • MSG
  • Nitrates
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial coloring

And, you need to understand what these foods do to your body.

My Journal with Metabolism and Detox

I have drank this metabolism boosting tea each day, which includes the 4 secret herbs has triple my metabolism.

I started to lose over 3 lbs per week, I feel 20 years younger and I have double my energy level. Within 4 weeks just by drinking this tea I have lost over 15 lbs.  At this rate, I could lose 50 lbs.

UPDATE: Date: 3/23 - I have lost more than I expected I have lost over 50 lbs. see below:

Metabolism and detox - weight loss over 50 lbs.



NOTE: Many people think they have a slow metabolism or they have a thyroid disorder.

Well, I am here to tell you that only 3% of the population have this problem - hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland).

Your metabolism and detox the body is the answer.

That leads 97% of us dealing with, not only improperly eating, but ruining our metabolism.

Below is the tea I have been drinking.  I still drink it...its so good.  Its called RED TEA DETOX.

How to handle metabolism and detox by drinking red detox tea

Why Metabolism and Detox?

A few things: Stress triggers – job, children, bills, holidays.

Endocrine disruptors, these are substances that stop the production or block the transmission of hormones in the body.

Whether you want:

  • to lose five or 50 lbs
  • not gain any more weight
  • get the beer gut under control or
  • get rid of that baby fat

It will be your hormones, metabolism and detox that determine whether you succeed or fail.

You need to learn:

  • what is science of endocrinology,
  • about your metabolism,
  • your eating habits,
  • your weight,

YOU can become a healthy, happier person, no matter how old you are.

And this complete lifestyle plan will help you not only lose that weight but keep it off once and for all.

Take this quiz below to find out what your body toxicity score is, and discover what you can do today to flush harmful toxins and release “trapped” fat.

Learn about Metabolism and Detox - Take Hormone Quiz


  • Does detox help metabolism?

Detox diets are formulated to provide the body with necessary nutrients and energy sources that facilitate the natural detoxification process. The main purpose of these diets is to support your metabolism so that it can get rid of toxins efficiently.

  • What are signs your body is detoxing?

You may also suffer from brain fog and temper issues. Your skin can be one of the exits for toxins which could lead to breakouts or irritation.

Detoxing can cause a wide range of symptoms including tiredness, headaches, aches & pains and nausea.

  • What are signs your body is detoxing?

Detoxing isn't just about getting rid of toxins, it can also result in various symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, body aches, nausea, brain fog & irritability.

  • How do you flush metabolic waste?

Drinking purified water is essential for cleansing the body. It provides a natural and effective way of flushing out toxins from every single cell, thus making sure that waste is released from the body through urine, intestines & skin.

  • What foods to avoid while detoxing?

Many detox programs suggest eliminating highly-processed items and those to which some individuals may be sensitive, including dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts & red meat.

In their place they recommend consuming mostly organic fruits & veggies, whole grains (without gluten), nuts/seeds and lean proteins.

Is There HARMONY With Your Hormones and Metabolism
(Your Endocrine System)

First, let me explain metabolism in the simplest terms. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories.

Second, the endocrine system is in charge in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, and metabolism.

The endocrine system is sometimes compared to an orchestra.

Hormones can be compared to a band playing in harmony. When every component is working together, the results are beautiful. However, if one instrument were suddenly to misbehave, for example the violin going haywire or the clarinet screeching - it would throw off everyone else and you'd end up with a terrible performance from the whole group.

They would sound like crap, right?

It’s exactly the same with your metabolism and detox.

To stay healthy and functioning optimally, your hormones must be in harmony with each other. If one of them is off-balance, the rest will soon follow suit.

That’s why, when your hormones (Leptin, HGH, cortisol, insulin) are off. To get your body functioning as it should, it is not enough to just look at one hormone. It is important to bring all the hormones back into balance and harmony so that they are all working in unison.

So the weight-loss products that target these hormones must work, right? Nope. Thing is, those bunk “treatments” focus on only one hormone at a time (if they even work at all), which is a very incomplete and misleading picture.

So, many weight-loss products claim to target specific hormones in order to help with weight loss. Furthest from the truth.

This is a very inaccurate assumption as they usually target only one hormone, and not all of them. Moreover, even if they did work, the effect would be incomplete and misleading.

Since it is inconceivable to focus on a single hormone in isolation, it is more sensible to focus on the entire hormone system.

I am going to tell you how you can naturally optimize all of your hormones. And how you can do it without taking dangerous or expensive drugs.

Our Hormones with Metabolism and Detox

Our hormones—all of them—are influenced by millions of things in our diet and environment, from processed foods to pesticides to lack of sleep to excess stress.

Any disruption will kick one hormone into overdrive and another into hibernation mode. When the normal function of one hormone gets thrown off, that imbalance creates another, and another, and another.

Way too often, these chronic imbalances make you fat—even when you are ruthless and meticulous about calorie counting and burning.

We're going to thoroughly explore the problem and eliminate all the toxic crap that endangering your endocrine system due to excessive exposure to certain elements can have serious implications.

Activating your body's fat storage hormones can lead to weight lose. Then we will restore the nutrients that speak directly with your metabolism.

Stimulate your fat-burning hormones to encourage them back to most favorable levels.

To finish, we'll make sure the ratio of calories going in and out of your body is equal, so you can make the most of your metabolism and use it as an effective fat-burning tool.

Your hormone balance is essential to keep your body running smoothly and optimally. When you have a balanced hormones level, your body is able to function in its best capacity.

Another way to Beat
Your Metabolism Challenge

Metabolism and Detox with Slim Over 50


Just 2 months ago my good friend Aline, had started a secret project: The SLIM OVER 55 Challenge...

She's been a weight loss expert for over 10 years and she has invited 1000 of her most engaged subscribers to follow her new program called SLIM OVER 55.

Slim Over 55 is the only program designed specifically to help women aged over 55 lose weight. It's tailored to the unique needs of this age group, ensuring that you get a safe and effective solution for your health and fitness goals.

Women who have gone through menopause can benefit from restoring their hormonal balance, and you are no exception!

During the past week, after 2 months of being on the Slim Over 55 program, all of the Challenge attendees shared their experiences and results in Aline's secret FB group...

Around 200 lost under 10 pounds, but noticed a big increase in their energy and their body shape.

Around 200 have lost 10-20lbs and noticed a big change in their body, having lost at least 2 dress sizes. 

Around 200 didn't finish the challenge...

But around 400 of them, have reached their ideal weight and altogether have lost over 10871 lbs! 

Their secret: they have all started each morning by drinking a cup of the METABOLISM-BOOSTING TEA, and then, they did the Slim Over 55 workout, and followed the other simple guidelines!

When Aline told me about these results, I was blown away because on average, these women have lost over 25 lbs in 2 months!

So, if you want similar results, I recommend you use these links:

Have an amazing day!


The Metabolism and Detox Program with Slim Over 55 Program

The Red Tea Detox Plan
(The tea I am using)

How to Help your Metabolism and Detox - Use Liz Detox Tea Program

Liz's latest program, The Red Tea Detox Plan explains how anyone can lose up to 14 pounds in the blink of an eye by making and drinking their own delicious red tea.

The diet has already helped thousands of people lose weight. Liz, herself, has lost 41 pounds since making the tea a regular part of her life.

She have perfected this plan to work for the metabolism and detox everyone. And she has done it the way she has worked to help every one of her clients through careful attention to detail and relentless persistence.

She has taken all the latest cutting-edge research and personally tested it to make sure she could offer the healthiest, most effective eating and lifestyle program possible.

Sounds crazy? It’s possible for you, too. The best part is, she has done all this work so now you do not have to!

I know you have a hectic and full life. I know you hate plans that make you count and chart and obsess about minute details. Forget all that. Liz is going to make it easy on you.

Exercise and Dieting:

Get a customized work out based on your body, metabolism and detox!

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Optimize all the hormones that are necessary to lose weight
  2. Fix your metabolism and detox so it works for you, not against you
  3. Choose foods and habits that trigger weight-loss hormones
  4. Avoid certain foods and habits that trigger weight-gain hormones
  5. Learn which foods work together and how to cook them for maximum endocrine benefit
  6. Prepare fast, hormone-balancing meals with items already in your kitchen
  7. Eat incredibly well on a few bucks a day
  8. Correct biochemical dysfunction with relaxation techniques
  9. Detoxify your environment so that hormones readjust and weight drops off
  10. Enjoy fresh foods that can prevent cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and other diet and lifestyle-related diseases
  11. Dramatically increase energy levels and potentially lengthen your life by many years. You can follow this program either as general guiding principles or as a specific, prescribed weight-loss plan. It is broken down in as much detail as you need—do it all or just take the major lessons and go on your way. It’s your call.

Do not tried to do this all at once or you will become very frustrated.

Like I said in this website, change one thing at a time, daily or weekly, but change.

It will become so natural for you and your family, that eat healthy will be come second nature.

Normally, it would be first nature, until all the conglomerates of the food industry invaded our homes.

Are you ready to be healthy to be thin rather then being thin to be healthy? Let’s go.

Liz has this Toxicity Quiz you should take.. Do You Know Your Body Toxicity Score?

Take this short 30-second quiz to find out your toxicity score now, and uncover the truth about toxins that may be in your food, water, household products, and more.

“I believe in Liz, I believe that as humans our internal systems have been sabotage”!! -Live the Organic Life

From Metabolism and Detox Diet

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