Mona Vie FTW!

by Ron V.
(Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)

I was just given the best one-on-one presentation I have ever had while sitting here in a Tim Horton's by a man named Paul Beatch. He sold me on the product called Mona Vie. I was given a can of the energy drink version called Emv (blue can) - which I must admit didn't have the medicine after taste that most energy drinks have - and a bottle of juice called "Active" (green bottle) - which despite the interesting appearance is very fruity and leaves me wanting more.
My mom taught me not to endorse a product I haven't tried for myself, but now that I've tasted the product, I have signed up to sell it to people I know (or will know very soon through selling).
Mona vie is a great acai product; and you can quote me on that.

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