How Did O Cha Tea Company Get Started??


Your Green Tea Buyer, Kevin Moore,
in Shizuoka Japan

  • In 1998, finding a really good Japanese green tea either online or locally was nearly impossible. While working towards a degree in the Japanese language at Arizona State University, founder and president Kevin Moore came up with the notion that selling Japanese green tea online might be worthwhile thing to do. Kevin had been involved with Japan since the age of 19, the first time when he served the U.S. in Yokosuka. He was also a radio electronics officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine for many years. was started as a result of us having a hard time finding the quality Japanese green tea he had been accustomed to in Japan.
  • For the first five years, operated out of Mesa, AZ. From it's inception, has insisted on offering the freshest green teas available online by having all of it's green teas air freighted in from Japan directly from the grower and by keeping low, always moving inventories. now operates from Japan and often packages it's teas within hours of shipment, offering the freshest green tea one can purchase online.

  • All of the green tea sold by are personally selected by Kevin who visits the tea growing regions of Japan. He's always on the prowl for a great or unusual green tea, and often goes on tea tasting expeditions to Shizuoka and Uji.
  • is the first and only company to offer green tea from Japan's oldest tea shop Tsuen, located at the same spot on the banks of the Uji river for over 845 years.
  • sells various grades of green tea, each superior in it's category. While most of our products come from the first harvest, also offers "Daily Sencha", a better than average second harvest green tea. This is offered as in economical introduction to green tea for the beginner that is much better than most green teas sold in most stores and online .
  • is a member of the "World Green Tea Association"

Media has recently received media attention from....

  • The Discovery Channel Green Tea Documentary
  • Interview Radio Free Europe: Health: Research Highlights Benefits Of Green Tea


Green Tea Factory...

The green tea factory where much of our Shizuoka green tea
is produced (Green tea growing in foreground)




Umega Port E
8-7 Umega-cho, Taira
Iwaki-city, Fukushima
970-8026    JAPAN


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