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In 2006, Live the Organic Site was launched. The site features many effective resources on healthy organic eating and living. In addition, the site offers relevant facts on alternative energy and resources, alternative health, organic cures, and organic environment. Do not miss it.

If you sell products or services to customers or retailers advertising on Live the Organic Life™ is a wise investment, as the site offers invaluable resources to thousands of new, transitioning, and existing organic businesses and healthy conscious and environmentally safe consumers.

Advertising Offers

Description of advertising placement

All Banners and Buttons are provided by the advertiser.

  • Text links (priced according to keyword values)
  • Banners and buttons of different sizes:
    • Full Banner 468x60
    • Skyscraper Banner 120x600 or 160x600
    • Block Ad measures 300x250px
    • Button 120x120
  • Image and text link with write-up

  1. In-Content Text Links

    Choose 3 or more words throughout the site that appear within the content, and we'll directly link your website to these words. $10/word= 3 words = $30/month

  2. Banners, Block Ads & Buttons

    A Horizontal Banner measures 468x60px.

    This horizontal banner can be placed at the top of a page above the headline, making it the first thing the page visitor will see - $80/month.

    A Skyscraper Banner measures 120 x 600px or 160x600px.

    These vertical banners are placed along the right-hand side of a page - $60/month

    Block Ad measures 300x250px

    Can be display anywhere in text - $50/month

    A Button measures 120x120px

    Can be placed within the text - $40/month.

  3. Image and Text Link with Write-Up (1/2 page) - $150/month.

You provide a small graphic of your logo, product or other appropriate photo, a 400-word (approximately) description of your business, product, or service, and the URL to your website, and we'll build the ad for you.

  • Individual ad pricing currently begins at an affordable $30/month, with discounts for multiple ads;
  • All prices are quoted in US dollars;
  • Prices are determined by ad type and size, chosen page, location on a page.
  • Payments are accepted via PayPal (credit cards accepted, no account needed);
  • Sorry, no checks accepted for payments;
  • Invoicing is monthly (see below for pay-in-advance discount);
  • Both parties can cancel the agreement with 30 days notice.
  • Prices are subject to change upon renewal.

As mentioned above, continues to gain in popularity each and every month. We value your business. If you choose us for your online advertising needs, you will be given the lowest possible price at renewal, which will always be more competitive than those prices offered to incoming advertisers (due to ever-increasing traffic and pricing).

We are flexible about ad placement and appearance.

Payment-In-Advance Discount
  • Take advantage of best pricing by locking in the current rate;
  • If paying for 6 months in advance, you pay for 5 months and get one month free;
  • You'll receive an option to renew 30 days before the end of the 6-month term.

Terms and Conditions
  • retains the sole right to decline any advertising and/or promotion that is deemed unsuitable for this site or of little interest to our site visitors,
  • All advertising and payment options are subject to availability;
  • Sorry, no ads are accepted for our home page;
  • No flash or pop-up ads.
  • We don’t to sell advertising to websites of a specific genre (adult, gambling, made for Adsense etc.) we only take take quality links from buyers.
  • At any time, if not satisfied, we will refund the balance of your payment (prorated) and remove your ad.
  • Prices are subject to change upon renewal.
  • An advertisement agreement form, payment and artwork must be signed and received prior to posting of any advertisement. Ads must be pre-paid.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell, exchange or otherwise disclose your contact information to anyone.


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