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I’ve often wondered, "What’s the big deal with organic baby clothes?" I know it’s natural, and I’ve heard it doesn’t use pesticides, but does it really matter? Other then being slightly higher in cost, I don’t see the difference, so what’s the point?

So, I did some research and came across many articles that really changed my way of thinking about organic baby clothing. I am happy to give my readers a little insight on the "green movement."

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments and on buying organic cotton clothing.

Guide to Buying Organic Baby Clothes

Organic baby clothes are a simple and fairly inexpensive way for your family to help the world in an effort to Go Green. With organic baby clothing available over the internet, but very difficult to find inexpensive, reasonably cost clothes for our children. However, it is no reason why we cannot all do our part to dress our children in clothes that are good for the environment. See below where you can get great organic clothes for great prices. Places like Walmart and Kohl's are an exceptional store for organic clothes for your children and most of the time they both offer free shipping.

Is the organic label more than a marketing strategy?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

And while there's no evidence that links a child's health with organic clothing, environmental health experts warn that cotton is a heavily sprayed crop. In fact, cotton is soaked in pesticides and herbicides before it's harvested, according to the Pesticide Action Network of North America . . "They are just dousing this stuff constantly," said Steve Scholl-Buckwald, a spokesman for the group.

So you make the call. Personally, I would go for the organic materials.

Most clothing today is still made from conventionally grown cotton that's treated with dyes and preservatives to prevent mold.

Creating a pure, natural environment is a vital decision for a growing number of parents. With our children exposed to pollutants in many aspects of life, choosing 100% organic cotton is a vital step toward natural living, both for our sensitive babies, as well as our environment.

Conventional vs. Organic Cotton

The second most overloaded pesticides crop in the world after coffee is cotton. It represents only 2.4 percent of all cultivated land but 25% of the world’s pesticides and 10% of the world’s insecticides are used on cotton crops yearly.

Another word, about 1/3 pound of chemicals is used to grow cotton for just one t-shirt.

Conventional cotton farming involves heavy pesticide and herbicide spraying. Chlorine bleach is used to whiten fabrics and formaldehyde is applied to finished garments. These chemicals cause harm to wildlife, the environment and humans.

When you realize the damage this does to the soil, water and to the working conditions for farmers, not to mention the chemicals that may be against your baby’s back, you may want to consider organic cotton.

Quality and Durability

Organic cotton is pure, natural and more breathable for delicate skin.

Pesticide and chemically-treated clothing, diapers and bedding block the natural balance of the skin by trapping heat and preventing it from “breathing,” (i.e. absorbing adequate moisture), often causing rashes and eczema on sensitive skin.

Organic cotton clothing lasts longer due to its natural composition. It is softer, thicker cotton that is sturdier than thinner conventional cotton that gets worn much quicker from use and washing. Consumers are always surprised at how long each piece of organic clothing lasts.

Why should my baby wear organic cotton?

A baby’s skin is more porous and thinner than adults. Their skin easily absorbs anything that it comes in contact with. A baby’s skin is also less resistant to harmful substances and bacteria, especially when irritated. This leaves babies at an unfair disadvantage when considering pesticide-related health problems. When organic cotton is chosen over conventional cotton, your children’s exposure to toxic chemicals is reduced significantly. What about you? Did you make the choice to go organic for your child's clothing?

Where to Buy Quality Organic Baby Clothes for Less

Organic baby clothes can be a little tricky to find but rest assured, they are out there and many retailers have them. There are several well-regarded companies which produce organic baby clothes. They've devoted themselves to the protection of your children and the environment from dangerous pesticides. Some make general clothes while others specialize. These companies strive to deliver organic baby clothes that are untouched by pesticides.

If you're concerned about having chemically-treated clothes on your baby's skin (and you should be), explore organic options. The companies mentioned below have a reputation for producing quality baby clothes from 100% organic cotton. Years ago, there weren't alternatives available. Times have changed. You can buy fashionable baby clothes that are safe for your baby's skin. They often cost less, last longer and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is protected.

Going Green for Babies!

Where to Find the Best Organic Baby Clothes On-line

Here you will find a few options for your organic baby shopping needs from your favorite stores. Styles and sizes are limited for now, but as more and more people request organic clothing production will rise. Also, it will keep you on budget.

It still can be very difficult to find full variety of organic baby clothes in the chain store or baby product stores.

The best place to find an variety organic baby clothes, unless you are lucky enough to have specialty organic retailers in your area, is at one of these online organic baby clothing stores.


Wal-mart one of the world's largest retailers, has joined in on the organic baby clothes wagon. You can get packs of newborn organic baby onesies for $2-9, brand names like Gerber, George and Halo. I think it's great that Wal-mart has decided to carry organic baby clothes because many parents may want to buy the best for their babies but are unable to afford it.

At Wal-mart, you will be able to buy their baby organic clothes at a reasonable price.

Available at Walmart are these organic baby clothes... Made from organic cotton, and these organic baby clothes have no tags to irritate the baby's skin.

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