Organic Fruit Juice


Fruit drinks are NOT the same as fruit juices and organic fruit juice is NOT the same as fruit juice.

The best places to find healthy and organic fruit juice for you and your children are places like "Thrive Market".

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First thing you need to do is make a commitment to yourself to hydrate yourself throughout the day on a regular basis. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

But, at the same time you have to make a commitment to avoid drinking beverages that result in dehydration, such as soft drinks, sport drinks or any beverage with caffeine or added sugars.

That means avoiding cow's milk, fruit drinks, beer and alcohol, or any other drinks that simply don't substitute for the healing power of pure water.

But drinking organic fruit juices is a great way to get some of your vitamins and mineral for the day. LOOK FOR THE RIGHT ONES!!

Remember: Many beverages labeled as fruit drinks contain mostly water, sugar and only 10% actual fruit.

Here misleading names you'll find on juice cartons at the supermarket:

“drink”, “punch”, “cocktail”, “beverage”, “ade”.

These are not 100% juice – they’re junk fruit beverages.

Fruit Cocktail

Real Juice Orange Drink Grape Punch

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The best places to find healthy and Organic Fruit Juices for you and your children are places like "Thrive Market".   CLICK BELOW:


Facts on Organic Fruit Juice

These labels give the impression that their contents are extracted from real fruit.

  • Most people would be astonished to know how little fruit juice these beverages actually contain.
  • The majority of "fruit" beverages, in fact, contain 10 % or less real fruit juice.
  • These "fruit" beverages offer little or no nutritional value and are basically flavored sugar water.
  • Fruit drinks are stripped of vitamins that pure fruit juices naturally provide.
  • Juice manufacturers are required to let you know the percentage of actual fruit juice in the container. The majority of "fruit" beverages, in fact, contain 10% or less real fruit. Look for the small print especially if the container says only 10% real juice.

If it is only 10% juice what is the other stuff?

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Preservatives
  • Additives
  • These “fruit” beverages offer little or no nutritional value and are essentially flavored sugar water.
  • If the fruit drink mentions it is fortified, with added vitamins it doesn’t make it nutritionally equivalent to fruit.
  • Despite what some labels in the supermarket may say, the only freshly squeezed juice is one that is squeezed minutes before you drink it.
  • Real fruit contains fiber—which slows absorption of the juice’s natural sugar into the bloodstream.

O.k. What About Organic Fruit Juices?

  •  Well, basically the fruit has to be organically grown for the juices container to be labelled as organic.
  • From a health perspective the only shop-bought organic juice to consider is one that is in a glass container.
  • Plastic of any kind is detrimental to our health and the health of the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Look for the label that says “100% pure,” and “no sugar or preservatives added.”
  • Fruit Organic juice can play an important part in your vitality—just make sure it’s real! Look for the Organic Official Label.
  • organic-fruit-juice

    Choose the Right Organic Fruit Juice

    Some fruit juices are nutritional gems while others are pure sugar water.

    Please consider these tips as you make juice part of your child’s diet.

    Things to Remember

    Be label savvy. Buy juice labeled “100% fruit juice." Organic if you can.

    Examine the ingredients. Avoid fruit-flavored beverages that have added fructose corn syrup...companies do this to cater to your taste-buds especially children’s.

    Look at the juice. Generally, the cloudier the juice, the more nutritious it is, there should be some sediment at the bottom this is a reminder of the real fruit. If you can see through it, you’re buying mostly water.


    Go with citrus juices: Orange juice, grapefruit juice.

    Orange juice is a morning favorite and one of the most nutritious beverages available. An excellent source of vitamin C and potassium, orange juice also is a good source of folate and thiamin. Drinking an 8-ounce glass counts as one of your five necessary fruit and vegetable servings for the day.

    organic fruit juice

    Go with nectar Juice: Apricot, Peaches, Pears and Prunes.

    Nectar usually has more calories, but more nutrients are preserved during processing nectar than other juices. Apricot nectar is especially healthy, containing a lot of beta-carotene, almost a gram of protein per 8-ounce glass, and it’s higher than most juices in vitamin A, vitamin B-6 and iron.


    Juice can be a tasty alternative to water, but consuming too much juice may take the place of other nutritious foods you normally eat.

    Drink 100% juices at mealtimes or as a snack. But limit yourself to 2-3 (8 oz.) to a variety of juices for the drink. Once in awhile though substitute your juices for water.

    Tips for your Children

  • If a child asks for carbonated soda, add seltzer to a glass of 100% pure orange juice to add ‘a bubbly sensation’.

  • Don’t let toddlers walk around or fall asleep with a baby bottle filled with juice. It can cause tooth decay.

  • Orange and grapefruit juices contain more natural vitamin C than any other juice. They’re great juices for your children – and for you.

  • Offer citrus juices and some other juices such as strawberry, raspberry, and white grape juice) that DO NOT contain sorbitol, it can cause tummy aches.

    organic fruit juice

  • Freshly squeezed juice contains more vitamin C than “made from concentrate” canned or frozen juices.


    Vitamins Value in these Organic Fruit Juices:

    Orange – The juice with the highest amount of vitamin C and potassium and a good source of folate and thiamin. It also contains cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

    Grapefruit – This juice with the second highest amount of vitamin C.

    Apricot Nectar – This juice is high in vitamin A and contains a small amount of iron and zinc.

    Prune – This juice highest in iron, zinc, fiber and niacin.

    White Grape – White grape juice is high in vitamin C, and the best juice for healing the intestines.

    Apple – This juice has no nutritional advantage over other juices, but is good for flavoring water because it dilutes well.

    organic fruit juice
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