Though no one can be 100% organic all of the time, but we believe these organic sites and every small choice you make will make a big difference.

It's an exciting time to be green and choosing organic plays a critical part in creating health and reducing our impact on the planet.

The next step is to share the message and start conversations about why living organically is a great choice for our bodies and the Earth.

The green movement, including the organic movement, is an incredible 'word-of-mouth' campaign, empowered by your voice. Our mission is to give you more eco-friendly ways to say what's on your mind- because the world is listening!


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Here is a list of recommended ORGANIC SITES, i.e., natural food, great dogs and cats site, nutritional supplement manufacturers and personal care product companies and more:

Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. This is a wonderful site - Please donate, if you can.

Beach and BBQ Picnic Kits at is a one-of-a-kind online retail store that offers a collection of chic, unique and eco-fashionable lunchboxes made out of recycled and eco-friendly materials. If you are passionate about helping the environment and concerned at how our planet is slowly depleting its resources, then you will be very happy to shop at Eco-Lunch Boxes.

Every year, there are tons of reusable products that are dumped in landfills that can be easily refurbished and transformed into renewable consumer products. You just need to be determined and have a good imagination. The talented designers from Eco-lunch boxes have come up with incredible ways on how to reduce, recycle and re-use.

Their lunch boxes are eco-friendly and eco-chic! Get them on sale NOW!!!
native remedies

Welcome! We recognize that you are here because you are searching for a solution! Perhaps you are struggling to find a natural alternative to prescription medicines and their side effects or an herbal remedy to complement them, or maybe you are confused about what you should be taking.

Rest Assured - You have come to the right place!

Visit Native Remedies for Proven, Effective and 100% Safe Herbal Remedies

Life Extension

Life Extension, the world's leading anti-aging organization is dedicated to helping individuals take charge of their health. With their extensive range of premium grade vitamins and supplements at great value pricing, they offer life-enhancing products for almost any health concern. This GREAT company handles Durk Pearson’s products which I endorse highly.

Silver Leaf Tea sells premium and exotic loose leaf teas from around the world. Tea is quickly becoming the hot new trend in the beverage market. It is currently the 2nd most consumed drink in the world, just under water. There are many health benefits associated with drinking tea as well. Studies have shown that drinking tea on a daily basis has reduced the risk of several cancers including breast, stomach, skin and bladder. Another study showed that tea actually fights bacteria in the mouth which causes gum disease, cavities and gingivitis. Some researchers say that drinking tea is actually better for you than water since it not only hydrates but provides antioxidants as well.

Parvo Buster

ParvoBuster sells chemical-free, herbal products that treat/prevent Canine Parvovirus and other common dog ailments, all with no side-effects.

Healthy Cup

Every month, Healthy Cup features a different tea related product that will help make your tea experience an unforgettable one. Whether it's a special gift for someone, or something to treat yourself, you'll always find new items every month to make your tea experience a memorable one.

Achoo Allergy Products

achoo! Allergy & Air Products offers a wide array of allergy relief products including vacuum cleaners by Miele and Dyson, air purifiers by Austin Air and Blueair, as well as our proprietary allergy bedding, Allergy Armor. READ HOW ACHOOALLERGY.COM, IS BECOMING THE NATION FASTEST GROWING ALLERGY, ASTHOMA AND SINUS RETAILER.

Save Your World

I love this site, it has so many wonderful products for you to help and save the environment. This is an all natural personal care products company with a conservation mission. Save Your World offers premium personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion shower gel and exfoliating bar soap that includes the unique ingredient of organic yerba mate from a sustainable source - the shade of the rainforest.

Natures Brand Products

Natures Brands distributes a range of quality natural herbal remedies and beauty skin-care products including natural vitamins, green foods, body PH supplements, health remedies, homeopathic wellness formulas and chemical free, cruelty free, 100% natural beauty and skin-care products.

Please NOTE:

AVOID these Natural food manufacturers:

  • Cedarlane - Uses yeast extract
  • GardenBurger - Uses yeast extract

... plus ANY "natural" food company that uses yeast extract or torula yeast.

power of hormones program

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