by Chris Bekermeier
(1844 Summer Street, Hammond, IN, United States)

PacMoore is a valued partner in the food manufacturing industry because of the high bar we set for ourselves and our products. As a leader among organic manufacturers, we have a long history of quality production and the breadth of knowledge for even the most specialized orders — kosher, organic, gluten-free, halal and more.


As consumer tastes get more specific, organic food manufacturers have to accommodate a wide range of requirements. PacMoore is a leading organic food packaging and manufacturing company because we are a responsive business partner. Organic manufacturing tends to be more complex, as standards are higher and the process itself is under more scrutiny than with traditional food manufacturing.

Certified organic foods include those produced from crops not treated with chemicals. Organic animal products, such as meats, eggs and dairy, cannot be treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. Types of organic include:

- 100 percent Organic
- Organic, which must contain 95 percent organic ingredients
- Made with Organic, which must contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients

The reason this sector has taken off in recent years is because of changing public perceptions of the traditional food supply. Many consumers are going to great lengths to ensure the food they consume is clean and pure. As such, the demand for quality organic food manufacturing and packaging is on the rise. Companies are turning to PacMoore to ensure it’s done right. We’ve got the capacity and expertise to keep pace with this booming industry and to best serve our customers.

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