Prevent Cancer by Eating Regular Staples That Fight Free Radicals

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Some people are more prone to cancer than others, especially if the disease runs in the family. There is no way to determine whether a person is genetically predisposed to this disease, but there are clues in the family tree. Even if a person does not have cancer in the family, the daily stress factors and the toxic chemicals we inhale daily could lead to this disease. Thus, the best thing to do would be to eat healthy foods.

There are more foods that have antioxidant properties than we know, but some need to be bought from specialty shops or can be bought only during certain seasons. What we need is to find the best staple foods that can provide us with the cancer protection we need. Supplements are good sources of nutrients, and exotic fruits are also more widely distributed now than ever, but the reality is that you will still eat the same types of food you’ve always been eating on a daily basis.

Let's consider some of the staples that we eat every day and why they are good for preventing fatal diseases like cancer.

Brown and Wild Rice – All it takes is a simple change from white rice to brown and you can give your health the boost it needs. These rice types are different from enriched white rice because wild and brown rice are not as refined. Most of the nutrients in rice are in the husk, although the kernels are still full of nutrients. Overly refined rice don’t have much husk or fiber from the outer coverings. Moreover, processing may have altered the chemical composition of refined rice.

Selenium is a substance that is rare in food, and it can help reduce the possibility of developing colon cancer. Wild rice and brown rice have selenium.


Garlic is a staple herb in the kitchen because you use it to flavor everything, from sautéed vegetables to grilled meat. Garlic is pungent because it packs a lot of aromatics that double as antibacterial agents and antihypertensive compounds. Garlic is used in traditional supplements to treat hypertension. While some people can eat raw garlic, it is still best to cook it. The nutritional components of garlic are preserved even after cooking at high heat.


Beans are essentially the seeds of a plant, and these contain enzymes that nourish the seed during its growth phases. These same enzymes are easily absorbed by the body as long as the beans are cooked well. Canned beans are also good, and more convenient to carry around. As long as the beans were not overcooked before canning, the nutrients are preserved in every bean.

Oats and Lentils

Oatmeal has a lot of insoluble fiber which helps combat the toxic effects of bile acids. Oats also improve in taste as you cook them, and are great as convenient foods. Lentils don’t need to be cooked too long. They can be great additions to soups and can be eaten as a salad after blanching.

Green Vegetables

Every supermarket around vends broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, kale, spinach and Romaine lettuce. These vegetables contain a wide array of nutrients that can help ward off cancer symptoms. You can eat these vegetables on the go because you don’t need to cook them to enjoy them.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at Get Rockwell Nutrition blessed herbs digestive stimulator by following the link.

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