Seal of Safety for Dr. Orman's Hgh Plus

Dr. Orman's Seal of Safety and Approval

Seal of Safety

The Seal of Safety, Authenticity and Approval


Over the years, Dezine Management Inc. (DMI) of Orlando, Florida, exclusive Home for Dr. David Orman and Hgh Plus™, has expanded tremendously but in a responsible fashion. Safety has and always will come first. Our business has expanded both nationally and world-wide over the 10+ years that we have been in business. We produced one of the first HGH product and continue to be the Health Care leader today.  DMI's Hgh Plus™ is in every state in the USA and in over 45 countries. We have distributors from California to Orlando to Japan to South Africa. As part of our continual commitment to safety, we have instituted the DMI Seal of Approval.


Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery! Because some other companies have unscrupulously "borrowed" our material and even used Dr. Orman's name, only approved Distributors of Dr. Orman will have the DMI Seal of Approval on their web site and written literature. These are the only legal, authorized distributors directly associated with Dr. Orman's Hgh Plus™ company in Orlando and work directly with him. We do not endorse any others regardless of name, claims, content, alleged "quotes" etc., and cannot offer guarantees or support of any kind. Also, there is NO medical support at all from non-DMI sources. Why would this occur?


When you are the premiere HGH product, everyone wants to know why and use the information. However, words do not make the formula. Pricing schemes do not. Imitation does not. Years of experience and expertise in natural health, support for our customers, clinical testing and safety tests do.



Does the Company you are Purchasing from have Support for Customers?


Would you receive dental care from a mechanic? Then why would anyone depend upon sales people for nutritional and medical support!

Only from DMI or an Approved Distributor do you have informational support from Dr. David Orman, an expert in the field of nutrition and natural medicine with over 10 years of hands-on experience in these areas.


Please note they are NOT an MLM.

We at the Orman Institute for Active Wellness in Orlando, FL are fully committed to each of you to provide:

Seal of Safety


The products guaranteed to be safe. The most affordable price. Total support from Dr. Orman & Staff.


The HGH formula that is a part of the most powerful anti-aging program created.


"DMI of Orlando, FL, is my only authorized Hgh Plus™ Fulfillment & Information Center in the USA. We are not an "hGH-company" but rather a "People Company" and have worked very hard to provide total support and a quality human growth hormone product for all of our customers."


"When you purchase from DMI or an Approved Distributor, I can assure you that you are getting my product, the finest hGH releaser on the market, along with total support from my staff and myself. I will be happy to offer help for all your natural health care questions."

--Dr. David Orman



HGH Safety Data: 

Reported side-effects of Patients using Dr. Orman's Hgh Plus 

Hgh Plus™ safety data has been recorded since the origination of the formula. We are one of the very few companies that maintains such strict safety standards with every bottle sold. In addition, our laboratory is both State and FDA certified and inspected.


Seal of Safety


Total Reports




























None to date

** = Hgh Plus™ was used in 1994 under the name, HerbaHGH. No reported side effects were noted during this year as well.


  • Product is made by a Registered manufacturer of Drugs and/or Devices as approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America. Registration number is 025042. The laboratory is FDA approved and regulated. All products, including Hgh Plus™ are manufactured under strict GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), which are considered the "Gold Standard" of supplement manufacturing.
Seal of Safety


One of the keys to recognizing a high-quality and safe formula is whether or not the formula contains a Certificate of Analysis. The CoA assures the customer that the formula is safe, free of any type of defects or impurities.

EVERY batch of Hgh Plus™ has a CoA.

HghPlus: Certificate of Analysis Results









Microbiological Count


Summary: Dr. Orman's  Product is completely safe for both sexes and a wide age range. 



"Replacement therapy with human growth hormone has shown beneficial and normalizing effect on parameters such as cardiac and renal function, thyroid hormone metabolism, bone metabolism, sweat secretion, total and regional fuel metabolism and psychological well being."
Drs. Jorgensen and Christian of Copenhagen, Denmark



Seal of Safety

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