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Look what I just found... this guy makes his own energy with solar panels...very interesting story.. a must read. Its "Home Made Energy".

Solar Power refers to power from the sun. We see this in everyday life as solar covers are placed on swimming pools to help then gather and retain heat. We can even feel the effects of the sun's energy-wear a black shirt on a sunny day and you will soon be overheated.  Solar energy takes this heat and turns it into useful energy, which we can use to heat our homes and power other electronic devices.

Solar cells work by gathering the sun's rays in a material that is similar to that of a computer chip. The light from the sun sets free the electrons found in this semi-conducting material, allowing a flow of electrons through the material, which is electricity. This process of converting light from the sun or other sources to electricity is known as the photovoltaic effect.

Thin films of solar cells are now being developed to double as shingles, tiles, building facades, and glazes for skylights.

However, because these cells require the lenses to be focused directly into the sunlight, they are currently only used in the very sunniest parts of the country. Often times they require a sun tracking system, also cutting back on the efficiency of the product.

As further research is done on solar cells, we will continue to move from those used in school calculators to ones that truly have the ability to take the place of fossil fuel energy in our homes and businesses. The sunlight is free, and when the materials and processes used to collect this energy becomes more efficient and cost effective as well, solar energy will become more and more popular.

Possible application for solar lighting

Benefits of solar powered lights

  • Yards & Gardens
  • Swimming Pools & Ponds
  • Civilian & Military Runways
  • Camping
  • Streets & Traffic Signalization
  • Cemeteries & Memorials
  • Bus Shelters
  • Advertising Bilboards
  • They are affordable
  • They are safe
  • Solar energy is free
  • Quick installation
  • No wires to pull
  • No plugs to connect
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Virtually no cost to operate

Here you'll find the latest trends, tips & resources about solar lights.

"Home Made Energy".

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