The Stevia Cookbooks

Recommended Cookbooks for Low-Calorie Recipes

Cooking with stevia does require a learning curve, but since the advantages of reducing sugar in your diet (as well as eliminating your consumption of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners) are so important, it's well worth the effort.

The most important thing to remember is not to use too much, which can result in excessive sweetness and an aftertaste. Always start with the exact amount called for in a recipe, or even a little less, then taste before you add any more.

Stevia is delicious in almost any recipe using fruit or dairy products, but does present a bit of a challenge when used for baking, since it lacks sugar's abilities to add texture, help soften batter, caramelize, enhance the browning process, and feed the fermentation of yeast.

On the other hand, one of the excellent facets of stevia is that high temperatures do not affect its sweetening properties. Here is free recipe from From "The Stevia Cookbook,"

Yield: 10 8-ounce servings

  • 2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 8 cups water
  • 2 teaspoons stevia liquid concentrate
  • ice cubes
  • lemon for garnish

    Combine all of the ingredients in a pitcher and stir until well blended Pour into ice-filled 10-ounce glasses, garnish with lemon slices, and serve.

    This revolutionary sugar-free cookbook is the ONLY book that gives you:

  • Nutritional Information & Food Exchanges
  • The Most Frequently Asked Stevia Questions and Answers
  • How to Choose the Best Stevia and Use It Successfully
  • Conversion Charts Complete and Easy-To-Use for Stevia, Sugar, and Artificial Sweeteners
  • A Choice Between Cooking with Pure Stevia Extract, Stevia Blends, or Packets of Stevia
  • The Use of Basic Ingredients You Already Have in Your Kitchen
  • Best of All, Over 200 delicious recipes everyone will love!

    This all-inclusive cookbook on preparing everything from desserts and baked goods to salads and shakes. Stevia is the perfect sweetner for anyone wanting to limit their intake of simple carbohydrates and calories, or would like to reduce their addiction to sugar

    The author offer health-conscious readers 168 creative recipes using the herb Stevia as a sweetener. In addition to dozens of mouth-watering dessert suggestions, this book provides a tantalizing array of breakfast, main course, salad and side-dishes - all sugar-free!

    Over 100 taste-tempting stevia recipes -- a complete variety of dishes from breakfast and dinner fare to appetizers and desserts. Also included are detailed instructions that guarantee confusion-free cooking every time. Only $13.95, if you hurry it still may be on sale for $11.16.

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