Wind - The Energy of the Future

Wind provided more electricity than several other alternative energy sources in 2007 - approximately 1 percent of the global supply.  By 2020, experts predict that this alternative energy will generate about 12 percent of world electricity needs, but the reliability of generating equipment is essential to the success of this rapidly growing industry.


This alternative energy is one of the oldest forms of alternative energy, along with water power, mills and waterwheels were used as early as the middle ages to produce energy, and are still being used in many countries today in refined forms. By converting their power to useful electricity by using generators, mills and waterwheels, although ancient technologies are still very useful.


Our dependence on foreign oil forms the intersection of the three most critical issues America currently faces: the economy, the environment and our national security.


There is a Solution – Have you ever heard of the Pickens Plan, you will – a documentary was just shown on 60 minutes last week.


The Plan calls for building new wind generation facilities that will produce 20% of our nation's electricity and allow us to use natural gas as a transportation fuel. The combination of these domestic energies can replace more than one-third of our foreign oil imports. And we can do it all in 10 years.


Learn more about the Pickens Plan and start changing America's future today by becoming a supported.  Join now.


Boone Pickens states:


“On January 20th, 2009, a new President will take office. We’re organizing behind the Pickens Plan now to ensure our voices will be heard by the next administration. Together we can raise a call for change and set a new course for America’s energy future in the first hundred days of the new presidency — breaking the hammerlock of foreign oil and building a new domestic energy future for America with a focus on sustainability.”


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