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Several random websites are selling duplicate Acai berry weight loss products online. They are trying to create a hype through fake celebrity endorsements. These are acai scam products. SEE BELOW.

So, how to identify the scams?

(a) You should be suspicious about any type of Acai berry supplement advertisement, which says it guarantees fast weight loss. For example, if a company promises at least 10 – 25 pounds of weight loss in the first month, that’s definitely fake.

(b) You should not purchase weight loss supplements that is sold based on some one time offer, huge discounts, or money back guarantee.

(c) If you see a company is using some incomplete report or misusing a medical term, but doesn’t provide any complete reference of Government approval, that’s a case of fraud.

(d) Do Not ever trust site that offers free trials and then ask for your credit card number. If they get a hold of your information that company can use it for other things.

If you read the news of recent scams in some trusted sources, you’ll understand how the companies making false Acai berry weight loss promises are facing billion dollar lawsuits.

WATCH OUT for these acai scam products!!

  • Aacai Optimum Diet

  • Absolute Acai Berry

  • Absolute Acai Berry Effective Cleanse

  • Absolute Acia & Acia Muscle Xtreme

  • Acai Balance

  • Acai Berry & Life Cleanse

  • acai berry and Colon cleanse

  • Acai Berry Blast

  • Acai Berry Blast Free

  • Acai Berry Breeze

  • Acai Berry Cleanse Antioxidant

  • Acai Berry Complete Antioxidant Formula

  • Acai Berry Detox

  • Acai Berry Slim Maxx

  • Acai Berry Success

  • Acai Berry Supreme

  • Acai Berry Tropic

  • acai Berry Colothin

  • Acai Berry Thermocleanse

  • Acai Burn

  • Acai Burnz

  • Acai Fire For Men

  • Acai For You

  • Acai Herbal Nutrition

  • Acai Max Cleanse

  • Acai Max Cleanse and Colon Cleanse

  • Acai Nutraburst

  • Acai Optimum

  • Acai Power

  • Acai Power Blast

  • Acai Power Slim

  • Acai pure

  • Acai Pure Detox

  • Acai Trim

  • Acai Ultimate

  • Acai x3

  • AcaiBerry

  • AcaiElite Extreme

  • acaifit

  • Acaimax Cleanse

  • acia Berry Edge

  • Acia Elite

  • Acia Natraburst

  • Acid Berry Exclusive

  • advanced Acai

  • Advanced Acai Optimum

  • Advanced Acai Weight Loss Supplement

  • Advanced Cleanse

  • Advanced Cleanse & Acai Berry Pure

  • Advanced Colon


  • Certified Acai

  • Certified Ascai | Shannon LLC

  • ColoCure

  • ColoDetoxXR

  • Colon Cleanse

  • Colonx

  • Colothin

  • cretified acai

  • Diet Max Cleanse

  • DietPureBurn/Golden Health/Ultra Tablets/

  • Effective Cleanse

  • Energy Slim With Acai

  • Extreme Acai Berry

  • Fit Factory/Trislim/Livelean

  • Genuine Acai Berry

  • Hydroxatone

  • JolieseTan

  • Life Berry


  • Maqui acai cleanse

  • MaquiBerry clear

  • Max Acai Boost

  • Max Acai Power

  • Maximum Burn Xtreme

  • Nature Colon Detox

  • NuAge Colon Cleanse

  • NuageResveratrol

  • Pharma Labs. Acai Cleanse

  • Power Cleanse Formula

  • Premium AcaiSlim

  • Procleanse Gold

  • Pure Acai Elite

  • Pure Acai Elite

  • pure acai Elite youth cleanse

  • pure accai Ellite, youth cleanse, rezV max

  • Pure Cleanse Pro

  • Purecleanse Pro advertised as Acai Elite

  • Rezberry Ultra

  • SlimAcai

  • South Beach Acai

  • The Acai Look

  • Thermothinplus


  • Ultimate Acai MAX

  • Ultimate acai max, absolute acai, pro cleanse

I will tried to keep up on all new acai scam products that comes online and add to this list.

Acai Scam Products to Acai Berry Recommendations

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