What is Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy is more often than not a phrase used to describe anything that is renewable and not fossil fuels.

There are many different types of alternative sources, including solar, wind, water, solar, biodiesel, hybrid, ethanol. Each has great benefits when it comes to protecting the environment, because no harmful byproducts are produced.

This section covers several areas of alternative sources that our country should be using so our children can live in a safer and more productive future.

Fossil Fuels

Around 95% of the energy used by businesses comes from “fossil fuels” such as oil, coal, gas and uranium which are provided by the Earth’s natural resources.

There are two fundamental problems with using fossil fuels.

First, they release gases, which pollute the atmosphere and cause Global Warming (some say).

Second, is that they cannot be reused and many people believe that, eventually, they will be depleted.

We need to CHANGE. It is very important to us and our children.

Here are three good reasons.

  1. First, the alternative is safer and cleaner for the earth.
  2. Second, the source of energy will not run out or become scarce and expensive.
  3. Third, it will helps save the environment from future harm caused by fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect.

As alternative technology is researched and becomes more cost-effective, we may see a switch to these forms of energy from fossil fuels by all the major energy companies in the world. Critics agree - fossil fuels will not last forever, and so, it is time to begin looking for healthier and less expensive means of producing energy to run the world.

Here are list of very good resources on Green Power:

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