Alternative Laundry Detergent
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Natural laundry detergent

I recommend this alternative laundry detergent - Oxy-Prime.

OXY-Prime has cleaning power rivaling its toxic, filler laden competitors yet is safe for people, pets and the environment.

OXY-Prime is safe and effective at all water temperatures with all water qualities and all washable fabrics. OXY-Prime’s cleaning power is enhanced with the proven oxygen bleach power of OXY-Boost.

Rinses completely and decomposes almost immediately in the environment leaving no toxic residue or phosphates to the aquifer.

OXY-Prime is one of the most concentrated, environmentally-friendly and highly effective powdered alternative laundry detergent available.

Oxy-Prime Detergent

Please Choose:

  • Highly Concentrated, Use as little as ONE OUNCE PER LOAD!
  • Revolutionary formula is effective on all fabrics, and with all water types and temperatures
  • Chorine, fragrance, ‘bluing agent’ and phosphate free
  • Protects the environment and your family’s health from potentially toxic chemicals
  • Includes the proven power of OXY-Boost, non-chlorine bleach
  • No perfumes, dyes or fillers
  • Formulated for maximum cleaning power
And the other product I recommend is the Allergy Free Liquid Detergent.

Allergy-Free Detergent

Please Choose:

Developed by and for people with allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).

Allergy-Free is 100% free of petroleum-based or other hazardous ingredients, fragrances, phosphates, animal by-products, dyes and other common triggers for respiratory or skin irritations

Allergy-Free is a non-caustic/pH neutral product that gives basic cleaning of most stains, soils and dirt found in the laundry.

Allergy-Free should be used with Oxy-Boost Oxygen Bleach Destainer and Deodorizer to give the best performance in cleaning and stain removal.

Allergy-Free is safe for all washable fabrics, including gentle care items.

Allergy-Free is Compatible with High Efficienty (HE) Washers

High Efficiency washers use less water and have a different tumbling action than traditional top loading units.

This makes using regular detergent difficult as there is a tendency to form too many suds which can damage an HE washer.

Allergy-Free is a low sudsing detergent which is totally compatible with HE washers. Just use ½ the normal recommended amount to keep sudsing to a minimum still get excellent cleaning results.

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