What are the Benefits of
Organic Cleaning Products?

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The benefits of organic cleaning products are similar to those of using health and beauty care products because your skin is your largest organ and you absorb about 60% of what you put on your skin.

If you're using organic cleaning products that have been organically certified then they won't contain any nasty ingredients that are likely to damage your health.

We would advise you to use organic cleaning products in order to reduce the toxic load that you are exposing your body.

The benefits of organic cleaning products is another way to use healthful and safe ways to maintain our clean environment.

We protect our health when we live green because we minimize if not eliminate toxins in our environment.

Often by living green we can avoid illnesses that toxins can present, and allow our bodies to heal if we've already gotten sick from toxin exposure.

Benefits of Organic Cleaning Products are possibly the best alternative to regular cleaning products because they don’t use alcohol, ammonia and other harmful additives.

Using organic cleaning products help create an environment that lets you breathe easier - by cleaning with friendly products.

Whether concerned about health of your family or of our environment, here we can introduce you to green options.

Organic = Safe

Benefits of organic cleaning products are a safe, natural alternative to the harmful chemicals found in traditional cleansers.

  • What is wrong with conventional cleaning products?

    Conventional cleaning products can be bad for the environment. Bleach and chemical agents used in cleaning products may leave your home looking clean, but they can make a mess of the water supply if they find their way into the rivers.

    The average American household contains between 20 and 25 gallons of toxic materials, mostly in the form of household cleaners filled with petrochemical solvents designed to dissolve dirt.

    Detergents contain phosphates which, released into our lakes and rivers, damage the ecosystem and they can kill fish and other organisms. Ethylene-based glycol, used commonly as a water-soluble solvent in cleaning agents and classified as a hazardous air pollutant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Also, cleaning products that such as phthalates, synthetic musks, brominated flame retardants, organotins and nonylphenols are very dangerous.

  • What are the companies saying?
  • The biggest factor motivating companies to substitute hazardous substances with safer alternatives was increased customer confidence, followed by the benefits of being seen as a market leader.

    For most businesses, substitution is not a quick fix but a long and complex process involving suppliers, customer feedback and external authorities, as well as a lot of work internally. It is also a process that encourages innovation.

    The speed of change by some companies shows that alternatives for many uses of hazardous substances are already available or at least are already being evaluated for substitution. These companies prove that substitution is not a future goal but is possible and is happening today.

    In contrast, the large number of companies and brands are unwilling to make any changes unless forced to do so by legislation, even amongst some of the larger companies on the database.

    In fact that no law requires cleaning products manufacturers to list ingredients on their labels or to test their products for safety, leaving it up to consumers to make sure their homes are not only clean, but also non-toxic.

  • Is it possible to buy eco-friendly cleaning products?

    Yes. When shopping, the labels may help you out. Watch out for words such as irritant, flammable, toxic and corrosive.

    You can now find a nontoxic cleaning product for almost anything, and you don’t need to choose anything with warnings on the label stronger than “CAUTION.”. See Alternative Cleaning Products.

    Benefits of Organic Cleaning Products

  • What kind of commercial cleaning products are better for my family and the environment?

    Try and buy an eco-friendly detergentor make your own. Cleaning products that are better for the environment are cleaning products that are bio-degradable because they break down very easily. The EPA says the main cause of indoor pollution is cleaning products. By eliminating toxic cleaning products that have lots of chemicals, you are eliminating a lot of indoor pollution.

  • Where can I get environmentally friendly cleaning products?

    Environmentally friendly cleaning products are becoming more and more available. You can find them at a lot of different stores that you might shop at regularly, health food stores, or online. It's a relatively easy thing to change. That was one of the easiest things for me because they're about the same price as brand name cleaners but just with a lot of benefits for your home and the environment.

  • Can I make my own household cleaning products?
  • There are many products that you can use to clean with that are environmentally friendly, that you have around your house. Some things that you can use to clean with are borax, baking soda, vinegar, and environmentally friendly dish washing liquid. You can also get oils to mix with it so you get something that you really enjoy.

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  • Do I need a new cleaning product for each new area of my home?

    You don't need a different cleaning product for each area of your home. Many natural ingredients work well in every area. For baths and sinks try bicarbonate of soda to remove lime scale. In showers use a borax solution and an old tooth brush to remove mold, and vinegar to set the shower head in. For your drains, try baking soda and vinegar. In the bathroom try a borax solution, or borax and vinegar. And, for your cooker, salt and vinegar and a rough cloth will make stainless steel surfaces shine. More ideas see Homemade Cleaning Solutions.

  • Where can I buy other organic products?

    For the most part, they are relatively easy to find. Though you might have a bit of difficulty in locating organic cleaning agents at one of your favorite retailers, you should not have any trouble finding them at health food stores or online. In fact, many people prefer shopping for organic cleaning products online because the internet offers a greater number of products from which to choose.

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    Benefits of Organic Cleaning Products!!! Go Organic!!!

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