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Calcium Lime Rust Remover is one of the best environmental products I have brought. See below an articles from customers and from the EPA on CLR.

How to clean rust from a bathtub by Jelmar.

All Kinds of Dirty... One Kind of Clean

Desperate to Clean the Rust

Florida is a state that has quite a bit of rust in their water.

This rust can build up, as S.B. from Davenport Florida found out, in shower stalls making them difficult to clean.

This is what S.B. had to say:

“Within a couple of months of moving into my brand new home, the shower stall in one bathroom and the tub in another looked terrible: reddish brown, old and dirty despite several scrubbing with every product I knew.

Desperate, I even contacted the builder, the plumbing supplier and the tub and stall manufacturer.

They recommended all the products I had already tried and a few new ones. Nothing helped. When I asked at a hardware store, the salesperson recommended CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover, and it worked a miracle. Everything looked brand new again (which they were, really) after one simple clean. It was amazing! I have told everyone about this AWESOME product. Many of my neighbors, who had the same problem, say their fixtures also finally look like they should. Thank you!”

    What can Calcium, Lime and Rust Do?

CLR can make quick work of tough calcium and lime deposits and surface rust stains on glass, chrome, fiberglass and stainless steel. To use CLR, while wearing household rubber gloves, mix equal amounts of CLR and warm water. Apply the solution directly to the calcium,lime or rust stain with a brush, cloth or sponge and rinse promptly with cold, clean water. Never leave CLR on any surface for more than two minutes. CLR contains no inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents, or environmentally harmful surfactants.

Instead, CLR contains a proprietary blend of ingredients, which exhibit more positive environmental and human health characteristics than conventional cleaning formulas.

    Find out about more of Jelmar cleaning ideas:

Getting rust stains out of fabric.

We recently had another email from Florida about a rust problem. Linda from Apopka Florida contacted me after she had a mishap with her washing machine.

This was Linda's question:

“What product can I use to remove rust stains from clothing(rugs, towels)?”

Linda, I had the same problem once years ago when I was washing my husband’s white shirts. Luckily, today, I have my bottle of CLR Stain Magnet.

CLR Stain Magnet is an all-purpose and multi-surface stain remover that removes older as well as fresh stains and spots. Stain Magnet’s powerful foaming action will clean your rug and towels.

You can also use it on painted walls, hardwood floors, baseboards, marble laminated countertops, fully cured and oil-based painted surfaces, hard plastics and automobile tires.

Stain Magnet works on a variety of materials including fabric, glass, metal, brick, concrete, wood, grout as well as fiberglass and will remove stains from nail polish, paint, shoe polish, oil,red wine, ink, crayon and permanent markers.

America Is Going Green - But Has It Moved Under the Sink?

Environmental Protection Agency Seal Demonstrates Consumers Don't Have to Sacrifice Clean for Green

SKOKIE, Ill., June 3 /PRNewswire

A recent study by Jelmar LLC., the manufacturers of Calcium Lime Rust Remover (CLR) branded cleaning products, found that while Americans have an average of seven cleaning products under the sink, less than 30 percent of the products are environmentally friendly(1). On the other hand, nearly seven out of 10 Americans in a recent Roper Reports study said they feel it is their individual duty to protect the environment. On the whole, Americans want to "go green" but aren't sure where to start.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is helping consumers with its DFE (Design for the Environment) designation and has recognized the powerful CLR brands of household cleaners with this seal.

All three of Jelmar's flagship products:

  • CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust Remove
  • CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner
  • CLR Septic Treatment and Drain Care

    Have now earned this designation. "Environmental consciousness is at an all-time high," said Alison Gutterman, president of Jelmar, LLC. "Consumers are seeking products for their home -- from the plastics they use to cleaning products -- to be effective but also have less environmental impact. Our trusted cleaning supplies can be used every day and are safe for both the environment and families -- eliminating the need for consumers to sacrifice clean for green."

    The EPA created the DFE designation in 1997 to recognize products that contain only those ingredients that pose the least concern to human health and environmental affects. Before receiving this designation, these CLR branded cleaning products passed rigorous independent testing to ensure they contain only natural ingredients that meet the EPA's tough standards.


    Many of the CLR brands have been formulated under the EPA's DfE standards for years. CLR Septic Treatment & Drain Care's formula was the first consumer retail product to earn the DfE seal. This product is designed to treat household wastes that clog septic systems. To ensure waste material is able to flow to the drain field, a septic treatment is necessary to convert all waste to liquid, and Calcium Lime Rust Remover (CLR) Septic works to keep this drain-flow clear.

    Calcium Lime Rust Remover vs. Other Brand

    According to, the average household has more than 63 synthetic chemical products in it, which translates to roughly 10 gallons of harmful chemicals.

    By using the CLR brands of DfE-certified products, consumers can reduce the amount of household toxins, since they are made with no inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents or environmentally harmful surfactants.

    Although consumers are purchasing green products in increasing numbers, nearly 40 percent of Americans said they do not purchase eco-friendly cleaning products because there are not comparable green cleaning alternatives to their favorite cleaners.

    Some respondents -- 17 percent -- also said they do not purchase "green" cleaning products for fear they are less effective than other cleaners.

    clr kitchen trigger

    Calcium Lime Rust Remover (CLR) Bath & Kitchen Cleaner demonstrated a greater degree of mold/mildew removal than a leading competitor's bathroom cleaner and greater de-scaling than a separate leading competitor's bathroom cleaner, both of which are currently on the market.

    "The CLR brands are more effective than many cleaning products on the market today," said Lou Manfredini, national home improvement expert and host of the nationally syndicated television show Housesmarts. "They may look tough on the outside, but rest-assured that this product will clean your home without harming its inhabitants -- your family."

    The following Jelmar products all boast the DfE designation:

    -- CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover:

    a powerful formula designed to dissolve the toughest calcium, lime and rust stains. It works best on bathtubs, toilet bowls, sinks, glass, chrome, fiberglass, stainless steel, coffee makers, humidifiers, dishwashers, washing machines and shower heads to remove tough calcium and lime deposits and surface rust stains.

    -- CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner:

    a multi-use cleaner perfect for regular use in the kitchen and bathroom for general cleaning and to cut through tough soap scum and grime.

    --CLR Septic Treatment & Drain Care:

    a product that works effectively to keep underground septic systems from becoming clogged with human waste.

    All three products are earth-friendly with no phosphates, ammonia or bleach to harm you or your family.



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  • Jelmar also provides Calcium Lime Rust Remover (CLR) Power Plumber, a compressed gas that, when it comes in contact with water in your drain, expands rapidly, using water as a battering ram to push out even the toughest plumbing blockages.

    Calcium Lime Rust Remover (CLR) Power Plumber is also environmentally friendly as it has no harmful chemicals and is non-toxic.

    Jelmar is an independent, family-owned business committed to gaining total DfE compliance on ALL their Calcium Lime Rust Remover (CLR) branded products to protect their consumers' family's environment.

    About Jelmar

    JELMAR is a vibrant and growing manufacturing company with a broad household cleaning product line including CLR(R) Tarn-X(R) brands of products.

    1. Study conducted by Russell Research May 2 - 5, 2019, among 1,099 respondents across the United States. All interviewing was conducted on the Russell Research survey website. Results have a statistical precision of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

    2. Independent Lab testing done conducted on May 2, 2019.

    SOURCE Jelmar LLC.

    Adrienne Gibbons of Jelmar LLC., +1-847-675-8400,; or Gina Gesmond, +1-312-397-6028,, or Amy Lind, +1-312-397-6015,, both for Jelmar LLC.

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