How to Reverse Insulin Resistance

Many Type 2 Diabetes (how to reverse insulin resistance) patients aren't all that overweight.

The cause of being overweight is the same as the cause for insulin resistance... poor diet. I'm not saying don't exercise, but being overweight is not the root cause... poor diet is started eating more fruits and vegetables and less refined crap.

That's when a "miracle" happened. Folks, this is not rocket science... if you eat what our bodies evolved around (natural foods), not only will it be easier to maintain a healthy weight, your insulin resistance will go down

Exercise and lose weight. Insulin resistance is partly genetic for sure, but it also shows up mostly in people who are overweight and don't exercise.

Exercise increases your body's sensitivity to insulin. Since fat tissue decreases your sensitivity to insulin, losing weight will increase your sensitivity.

We're often told that the secret to losing weight and being healthy is that there is no secret: you eat fewer calories and you eat more of the right thing, and then your body will naturally have to consume excess weight to energize itself.

While there is no secret answer to weight loss, the reality is that people are more complex than the simple calories-is-in-calories-out equation we are often sold.

Individual bodies are stimulated and sensitive to different things and our diets need to reflect this for us to have a safe and comfortable weight.

If you've struggles with weight loss for a long time despite trying various diets, and you find that weight seems to cling desperately to your belly and waist it could be insulin resistance.

How to reverse insulin resistance.

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance and Find a Cure

The aim of on "how to reverse Insulin Resistance" cure is to outline 12 simple proven steps that will help you make your body less tolerant to insulin and will work towards finally removing that immovable doughnut of fat. They arrange from small everyday tips such as how best to prepare your food, to bigger lifestyle changes such as increasing your amount of sleep.

Remember thought, it is crucial that if you are experiencing symptoms of insulin resistance or diabetes such lethargy, frequent thirst and urination, or blurred vision, and you are from a high-risk group such as mothers or people with a history of diabetes that you receive a blood test and professional medical advice. Always ask this important questions:

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