OXY-BOOST vs Nationally Advertised Oxygen Bleaches and Other FAQs

Learn about Oxy-boost vs. Nationally Advertised Products.

Natural Choices Oxy -Boost - Oxygen Stain Remover Powder - Bleach Alternative for Laundry - Chlorine-Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Deodorizer

  1. Does Oxy-Boost contain any fillers?
  2. No. Oxy-Boost is a blend of sodium percarbonate and natural sodium carbonate (soda ash).

    There are no added fillers or additives. Oxy-Boost contains a significantly higher amount of oxygen bleach than other nationally advertised oxygen bleach products.

    Oxy-Boost uses only the highest quality domestic raw materials whereas other products many times use imported materials of inconsistent quality and performance.

    Oxy-Boost is guaranteed to give better performance than any other advertised sodium percarbonate oxygen bleaching product.

    You have their word!

  3. Why is Oxy-Boost a better overall value than other Oxygen Bleaches?
  4. Because they provide the highest level of active ingredient at a fairer price.

    For example, a couple of years ago a leading oxygen bleach manufacturer lowered the level of effective ingredients in their product; the price dropped, however, the newer version does not clean as well as previous product.

    They have had new customers who have switched to Oxy-Boost because they noticed this, too. Our suspicions were confirmed by the independent study which compared the quality of various oxygen bleach products and also showed the competitive products as lower quality See below

    Natural Choices' Oxy-Boost has ALWAYS been consistent in quality and cost and we would never do something like this to their customers.

    I have sensitive skin. Are their products safe for me?

    Many of their products are safer for sufferers of allergies, asthma, and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) than those commercially available. They add no fragrances or dyes to our products and most of our liquid products are soy-based, which minimizes the risk of an adverse reaction.

  5. Why should I buy Oxy-Boost instead of nationally advertised Oxygen Bleaches?
  6. Natural Choices who manufacturer Oxy-Boost has been marketing oxygen bleach technology since 1995.

    They have nearly 45 years of combined formulating experience with consumer and industrial products.

    They provide excellent customer and technical service which is the best and most comprehensive in the industry. When they say customer service is their #1 product they really mean it!

    They encourage you to contact them at any time with a question or a problem - even if it is on their competition's products!

    Their money back guarantee is good at any time after you purchase the product (including shipping costs), not just 30 days less shipping, as others do.

    Buy Oxy-Boost Products Now!!

    Research and Review

    Cleaning the bathroom can be so tedious: the endless scrubbing, the nasty soap scum, the toxic chemical fumes and of course, the infamous toilet bowl.

    Here at Live the Organic Life feel your pain. We all want beautiful, sparkling toilettes, but the process is often unpleasant.

    While we can't promise to make you love cleaning your bathroom, we've found Natural Choices – Oxy-Boost which will make this task much more inspiring, each with earthy-friendly ingredients and delightful fragrances that will whiten your porcelain and lighten your workload.


    OXY-Boost vs. Other Known Brand
    who sell Oxygen Bleaching Products

  7. Oxy-Boost – Our #1 Pick - Marketed by Natural Choices.

    We Highly Recommend

    This oxygen bleach, OxyBoost, is of the highest quality and is at least 80-90% sodium percarbonate. This is what you should look for because with out this high content, the product does not work well at all. Most others have a low content of 50% and others much lower.

    Example: Newer products like Clorox's Oxygen Action(TM) have followed this trend as well by marketing a product with only 50% active ingredients. All's Oxi-Active™ contains perborates which are known to leach arsenic into the environment.

    Oxy-Boost is very reasonably priced and they have probably the best knowledge and customer service support of any company marketing alternative cleaning products. OxyBoost is sold in 1, 2.5, 6, 20, 45 and 100 pound quantities.

    Natural Choices also carries several other sodium percarbonate based products including dishwashing, toilet bowl cleaner, kitchen and bathroom cleanser, laundry detergent, pool and spa cleansers and deck and outdoor patio natural cleaning products.

    Decision: Our Recommendation

  8. Stain Solver (TM) - Marketed by Ask The Builder (Tim Carter).

    Stain Solver has been sold for several years as part of Tim's "Ask The Builder" home improvement oriented web site. He has an excellent illustrated page on how to clean a wood deck as part of his site. Otherwise this site just contains basic infomation on Stain Solver and its use. This product is very high in sodium percarbonate content (in excess of 90%). It is sold in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 pound quantities and is higher priced than Natural Choice's Oxy-Boost.
    Decision: Too expensive

  9. Shout Oxy Power (TM) - Marketed by SC Johnson.

    The newest entry in the consumer oxygen bleach market. This is a premium product that contains at least 75% sodium percarbonate that should out perform Oxiclean, Clorox Oxygen Action or All Oxi-active. Unless the other products change we would predict that Oxy Power should win out in the 'name brand' oxygen bleach wars based upon its price and level of active ingredients. But still does not have the percent of sodium percarbonate as Oxy-Boost.
    Decision: Percent too low in sodium percarbonate

  10. Oxiclean (TM) - Marketed by OrangeGlo International.

    Oxiclean is the best known of any of the brands and is king of the mass marketed oxygen bleaching products. It is sold on TV infomercials, through catalogs, magazines, distributors, the internet and in stores like Walgreens, Walmart and other national chains. Oxiclean is sold in 1, 2.5, 6 and 9 pound quantities or as part of several kits with some of OrangeGlo's limonene based cleaners and polishes. Oxiclean is a good product but is sometimes oversold considering what is and its lower levels of active oxygen bleach. OrangeGlo has been criticized for putting much of its effort in marketing Oxiclean and not much effort in assisting customers. Oxiclean contains about 50-60% active oxygen bleach (Sodium percarbonate).
    Decision: Percent too low in sodium percarbonate

  11. Clorox Oxygen Action (TM) - Marketed by The Clorox Corporation.

    This product is basically a carbon copy of Oxiclean from the percentage of sodium percarbonate it contains (50-60%) to the style of packaging, its lettering as well as product pricing. Clorox is obviouly going directly after Oxiclean business and it will be interesting to see who will come out on top. The consumer should win in getting a low cost product but like Oxiclean the efficacy is still lacking in comparison to higher quality oxygen bleach products.
    Decision: Quality is low.

  12. All Oxi-active (TM) - Marketed by Lever Brothers.

    Another new entry into the oxygen bleach stain removal product offerings. It is a sodium perborate based product. While sodium perborate is excellent for cleaning and stain removal in hot water its very limited solubility in lukewarm and cold water does limit the scope of its use. Perborate compounds are also known to contain traces of arsenic which is why they are being outlawed in Europe. With ever tightening water quality restrictions on arsenic levels being put in place in the US as well it would seem that this product does not have a good future in its current state.
    Decision: Wrong ingredients

  13. Oxygen8 (TM)

    A rapidly fading addition to the concentrated oxygen bleach consumer products. It is sold by Medallion Products through QVC. Initially Oxygen8 was marketed on television and in catalogs to compete directly with Oxiclean but at a lower price. Like Oxiclean it is only 50-60% oxygen bleach. You can buy it online at the QVC web site (4-6 weeks delivery!!) but there are only a few companies or distributors still selling it. Their customer service response is poor at best and there is virtually no technical service available.
    Decision: Price too high and customer service is poor.

  14. Color Safe Powdered Bleach - Marketed by The Clean Environment Company.

    A sodium perborate based product (29%) of which they claim is the highest oxygen content available which is not true as concentrated percarbonate products are highest.
    Decision: An obvious answer: NO

  15. Natural Oxygen Bleach - Marketed by Lifekind Products.

    A percarbonate based product that also contains fabric and water conditioners, detergent boosters, stain, mildew and corrosion additives. Also contains sodium sulfate which is a filler and does no cleaning. I am not sure that an oxygen bleaching product needs to have all these additives to be effective when its main use is to get rid of organic stains and dirt.
    Decision: Too many fillers

  16. Non-Chlorine Bleach Powder - Marketed by Bio Pac.

    Contains sodium percarbonate , soda carbonate (soda ash). It also contains sodium chloride (salt) which is just a filler and does nothing for cleaning.

  17. Oxygen Bleach - Marketed by Bi-O-Kleen.

    Exactly the same product as Lifekind's natural Oxygen Bleach described above.

Future Oxygen Bleach Products

With the wide availability of sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate at reasonable prices and the ease at which they can be formulated into a range of effective and safe consumer products, the future for these products is bright.

Oxygen based bleach based products will continue to provide consumers with naturally derived safe and effective alternatives to toxic household cleaners.

The largest use will continue to be in laundry applications but you will see oxygen based bleaches in other household products such as toilet bowl cleaners, siding cleaners, tile and grout cleaners, carpet cleaners, masonry cleaners and concrete cleaners to name a few.

Due to the availability of lower cost Chinese and Korean made sodium percarbonate costing as little as half the price of domestic produced materials, the pricing of oxygen bleach products will be very favorable to manufacturers. The only question is the quality and consistency of these foreign made materials which has made manufacturers of high quality oxygen bleach products reluctant to use them.

Brought to you by an independent study oxygenbleach.homestead.com/files

Like I mention above - Natural Choices, who manufacturer Oxy-Boost is the best. I can't said enough about these products.

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