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Learn All Acai Berry are NOT Equal

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In this article, we are going to talk about acai berry information, and the very best places to get quality products.

"Do you really know the difference between high quality acai berry and crappy ones?"

For most people, making the wrong choice is the difference between being scammed out of their money versus buying legitimate and authentic and quality acai berry products that really will DO make a difference in their body.

I have reviewed many acai berry products, now, bear in mind, when I tell you I have reviewed something - that means I have actually used it...not just read about it.

My reviews are unequivocal, truthful and honest and to inform you of the real junk that is out there. I believe that people deserve to know the truth, and with countless companies offering free trials and inferior products, many companies become blinded by the almighty dollar and fail to provide the public truthful answers.

Because I myself have been 'suckered' a time or two, I have dedicated myself to bringing the truth to the masses and get the Acai Berry information to you.

YOU SHOULD PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO...products that offers free trials and guaranteed weight loss. If the product's manufacturer makes unrealistic claims, stay away...if you feel you are paying too much, or on the other hand, too little. STAY AWAY!!

There is no reason to pay hundreds of dollars
for an acai berry product.

There are tons of offers out there, but you have to be careful...My favorite acai berry supplement costs me $34.99, sometimes only $29.99 if I order 3 bottles of 120 capsules. I have tried everything and I find that this cost is very reasonable for a high quality acai berry product.

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Not All Açai Products are Created Equal!

More acai berry information you need to know:

  • Safely transporting this little gem, often called “The Crown Jewel of the Amazon,” across the world is not an easy task!

  • This highly potent berry starts losing its active properties within 24 hours of being picked.

  • As you can imagine, this is no simple feat for a company that strives to produce the best quality product possible.

  • Therefore, you must do your homework to find a manufacturer that has gone the extra mile in their processing of the berries, as well as the ingredients added.

We needed to find the Best Acai Berry!!

Is there really a big difference between Acai supplements?


The WORST places to buy this amazing super food are auction sites, such as ebay and online classifieds like Craigslist. There is an on-going and increasing marketplace for fake acai products.


It is very easy for anyone to post their "products", present fake pictures and simply take advantage of an unsuspecting public eager for authentic health and wellness products.

There are many products out there, but very few that we would use ourselves or be comfortable recommending to you.

When we recommend a product, in this case the acai berry products we suggest making sure it MEETS these standards:
  1. Companies that use the acai berry skin and pulp only.

    Note: The acai berry is 90% seed, with only 10% of the berry that you can eat.

    When you hear Dr. Perricone, Dr. Oz or other experts discussing the nutritional value of the acai berry - they are talking about just the skin and pulp.

    Companies that make legitimate Acai products use only the Acai skin and pulp. If companies mention they crush the Acai seeds and sell them as juice or supplement. RUN AWAY!! and FAST.

  2. Use Freeze Dried Acai - not Spray Dried Acai

    The process that use the method freeze dried uses low heat, and keeps all the nutrients of the Acai berry.

    The much cheaper way for manufacturers of acai berry is to spray-dried, the problem with this, is that this process uses very high temperature which kills most nutrients of the berry.

    In addition, the spray-dried process needs a carrier agent such as maltodextrin to dry the Acai, so ultimately this powder would be 40% maltodextrin.

    If you see a spray dried Acai supplement that claims to have 500 mg of Acai per capsule - it probably only has 300 mg of actual Acai per capsule.

    Spray dried Acai powders, while cheap to buy, are inferior to freeze dried Acai powders. STAY AWAY!!

  3. Proper Handling of the Acai Fruit

    Once the acai berry is picked from the acai palm tree it must be either freeze dried or flash frozen within 24 hours. Acai berry is very perishable and if is mishandled, it loses its nutritional potency and becomes nutritionally worthless.

  4. Use only Earth Fruits Acai

    Perfect Acai Supplements (the company we recommend) are made with EarthFruits 100% Freeze Dried, 100% Organic, and Fairly-Traded Acai.

    EarthFruits is located in the heart of the acai harvesting region so they are able to freeze the berries within 12 to 18 hours after harvesting.

    Working with minimal processing, and refined freeze-drying techniques, EarthFruits allows full potency ingredients, high quality nutrient content, and the highest ORAC values (700/gm).

  5. Make sure the product disclosed on the label the amount of acai it contents.

    Many companies have the name "acai" plastered all over the label but…they don't disclose how much of it is actually in the product.

    Some of these products are very popular and successful, but we would not recommend them. MOST companies use a ratio of 4 part concentrate of Acai pulp to one part of Acai powder.

    Look for companies that uses a 7 to 1 concentrate of Acai pulp to powder.

This acai berry information is valuable to you and family.

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Acai Berry Information

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