"Don't fall victims to these fraudulant acai berry sites"


Be careful not to fall victims of these site.

When you search keyword "acai berry" in Google.

You will get some of the best top ranking website:

But then you come to these type acai berry sites:


or these

FAKE NEWS - Acai Berry Sites

The sites below are examples of scams:

  • www.onlinehealthnews7

The product, that I recommend in my website, is Perfect Acai, 100% freeze dried Organic Acai with no other ingredients.

The latest SCAM is Julia Miller as a reporter (seen her face?) I have, all over - on google, in sites, in email. These scammers change names and faces to throw you off, so when one of us report them as scammers and they get on a "BAD" list then all they do is change the names and faces on this sites. Please be aware of these sites (there are plenty, popping up every day). Here is a list of acai berry scam products.

Please stay away from these products.

These products are inferior and their sites are just a lot of flashing images, before and after pictures, stories how much people lost weight, but not much of the actual products. This is all bogus. Do NOT FALL for this. The following products are promoted on these acai berry sites.

They advertises "free trials", "seen on TV", "as mention on ABC, MSNBC and USA Today as incredible weight loss".

Acai Slim, Premium Acai Slim, Acai Force XT –Muscle Supplement for Men, Detox acai blast, and more.

I researched these sites for their domains registration information. As for the, this is what I found out; the billing contact was in Malaysia and no direct name or information. Would you want to deal with a company like that? I know I wouldn’t.

Be careful of the article from Ezineartcles, its called, "Acai Berry - How I Lost 30 Pounds in Under 30 Days Using The Acai Berry" by Hilary Smith. This article is link to written by Hilary Smith (which by the way is a fictitious name). This is then link to variety of free trial acai berry sites. Sometimes these people are all the same, they just change names and sites to avoid prosecution.

Getting back to the article: "Acai Berry - How I Lost 30 Pounds in Under 30 Days Using The Acai Berry". They just want you to think there is a girl out there that lost 30 lbs. in 30 days. This is just not possible. I know lot of you have see players on “The Biggest Loser” lost 8, 10 and even 17 lbs. in one week, this is because they have a huge amount of weigh to lose and it goes in cycle and of course some of this is water weight.


According to the Washington, D.C. based

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) thousands of consumers have had trouble stopping recurrent charges on their credit cards when they cancel their free trials.

This statement is very important:

Even acai berry sites claim to warn about açai-related scams are themselves responsible for frauds.

Apparently, false claims include reversal of diabetes and other chronic illnesses, as well as expanding size of the penis and increasing men's sexual virility and sexual attractiveness to women are mentioned on these acai berry sites.

Acai for Weight Loss?

Unfortunately, there are a number of Acai berry sites out there making outrageous claims, such as "drop 30 pounds in a week", "Oprah's diet secret", etc.

None of this is true and we want to be honest about that right up front. You can not take Acai and just expect 30 pounds to magically disappear in a week.

The product, that I recommend in my website, Perfect Acai is 100% freeze dried Organic Acai, with no other ingredients.

Back to Basics Sale (5/19/20-5/21/20) Image 600x900

Many customers are using the Perfect Acai for better energy, better sleep patterns, reduction in pain from inflammation, boosting the immune system, and better skin.

Here are a list of Consumers Advocate Website to help You:

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
The National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA)
Organic Consumer Association (OCA)

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